Rumor: Forza 3 will have 2 discs, 400 cars, more

Xbox360fanboy writes:

We know there is a certain section of the readership that hates our guts for posting rumors, but frankly, we really don't much care. We do our best to show exactly where rumors come from, and always leave it to you to make the decision about their truthfulness for yourselves. This next one came from the same survey page that the "Xbox Avatar" rumor came from, and has all sorts of goodies in it.

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TrevorPhillips3868d ago

Gran turismo 5 will be better then if not maybe 6

GiantEnemyCrab3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

What does this have to do with GT?

To the freakin retarded disagrees: WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH GT AGAIN?

LJWooly3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

I think they're disagreeing because Forza basically directly competes with Gran Turismo, so to make a comment regarding the two in conjunction with one another would be reasonable.

I didn't disagree with you, by the way.

Panthers3868d ago

Because they are fanboys who use GT5 as their weapon against Forza. This is an Xbox story and I dont think anyone who is going to just comment on GT5 should even post in here. No one cares.

Stryfeno13868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

Fanboys are on a rampage...I do not know why Sony fanboys decide to post so much on 360 news....Could it be jealousy? Other than that, I dont see why.

Forza 2 was good but I do not think this RUMOR is true when the game haven't even been announced yet.

LJWooly3868d ago

Wow, lighten up, Panthers. There's nothing wrong with discussion. Do you expect everyone to unanimously go "Wow, sounds great!" No, people are going to compare, contrast, and debate. I don't see anything wrong with it.

If there was actually a fanboy argument taking place before you posted that comment, I'd agree, but there simply isn't, and therefore there's no reason to moan.
Everyone who disagreed need not be a fanboy, either. I reasoned in regards to that in my previous comment.

bourner3868d ago

any one who has played mgs4 will have seen the bit where it says " change to disk 2 now snake ," then " oh you dont have to because your on the ps3 with blu-ray " made me laught

Sayai jin3868d ago

@GiantEnemyCrab- Do not even give it the energy. This article has nothing to do with Gran Turismo. Even if they do compete this article has nothing to do with GT, but you know how this site goes.

NG4 is slowly eroding. Before long it will only have one type of gamer.

Game on...

mikeslemonade3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

LOL lets see if Forza 3 will have car models that are better than GTA4. In Forza 2 the cars looked so square.

Now what do you xbox owners have to say about mutliple discs? Most of you said it would be find if it were for an RPG but now it's a sports racing sim. The 360 is obsolete just face it. It really tarnishes the image because a 1st party racing game that doesn't look very good uses multiple discs.

poopsack3868d ago

I have to agree, its kinda off topic.

Weapon? WTF? where are you living? is there some type of PS3 vs 360 battle with weapons of mass destruction going on where you live?

If your so above them all why are you spending your time here, you know answering them.

Your not forced to be here. 1up is just fine for all your gaming needs.

Bnet3433868d ago

I going to go out on a limb here and say that no one bothered seeing the word "RUMOR" in the headline.

dragunrising3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

You seem to make quite a few assumptions about a game you or I know nothing about. How do you know it looks good or bad? What if it looks better than Grand Turismo? Are you going to CRY? I would think so judging by your extraordinarily intelligent comment. Also, you are a bonifide Sony fanboy. Your ignorant, bullish comments aren't welcome here. Last time I checked, Xbox 360 wasn't obsolete. Still plays all the same multi-platform games the same or better (give or take a couple). I bought a PS3 for exclusive games and an Xbox...for everything else. Since your a know it all, how many gigabytes of data will Grand Turismo 5 (non-demo version) eat up???

Sayai jin3868d ago

@KnaveX-What? No one said I was forced to be in here. Are you offended or are you a rabid fanboy who leaves comments? Judging by your comment it does not seem so, it seems you leave regular comments. What I am saying is that N4G rules changed to have to zones, one for unbiased debate and the other for no holds bar discussion, but it seems that the gamer zone is becoming the open zone. They changed the rules becuase they got several complaints about the way the site was going, ask around thats the truth.

Skizelli3868d ago

Any comment that compares two games that haven't even seen the light of day, claiming one is better than the other, is an uneducated fanboy comment. Not a "debate" nor a "discussion."

BrotherNick3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )


potenquatro3868d ago

please don't defend what is clearly fanboi hating. nobody cares if gt5 is better(wich is not in any way shape or form), if your into sims there is nothing like forza. compare gt5 to nfs or something. forza and gt have nothing in common exept for the tracks you race in. forza's online features and comunity alone put it on another level.

Superfragilistic3868d ago

@Agent X

Take the fanboy comparisons out of here. If you are a gamer first you'd recognise that Forza and GT are actually very different beasts and are both great games in their own right.


Nice, rational second post. N4G would be a better place with such a consistent level headed rationale. Although I disagreed on the specific details because Agent X's comment was clearly an intended provocation.


Yeah that was a funny cheap shot but what's that got to do with Forza 3?

@Sayai jin

"N4G is (quickly) eroding." ;P

And yes the rule changes with the comments section have slowly lost their effect and are quickly adopting open zone tendencies.


Fanboy = a sad individual who lacks sufficient meaning in his life that he forgoes rational thought so as to define himself to a piece of corporate electronics and branding.

You sir are such! :)


Yup! :)


Exactly. :)


Whilst I wouldn't go as far as saying GT and Forza are chalk and cheese, they are certainly very different racing beasts.


Be a gamer not a hater. Forza 3. 400 Cars. 100 tracks. 2 Discs or a 5gig install I don't care. Just bring it on. :)

marinelife93868d ago

Two discs? Do you get halfway through the first lap and the game asks please insert disc 2?

OSS1E3868d ago

HAHA! 2 Discs! thats low. i have a ps3 and with blu-ray always 1 disc!

GamerMan3867d ago

I Don't own a Xbox 360, I barely read the news here but I am curious what Forza has done differently to need 2 discs (Racing is 1 of my favorite genres). I hope it's something cool. They could be doing what Gran Turismo did at one time and have 1 disc simulation and another arcade or something similar to that

To all the people making jokes about 2 discs is ridiculous. No developer would have you change a disc in the middle of a race. It would ruin their credibility as a developer and i don't think the developers of Forza are that bad.

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predator3868d ago

i dont care if it is on 2 disc's just make it like forza 2 (with improvements) then it will be amazing

highps33868d ago

This is so funny... How do you justify this? Wont be buying the game, any other game for that matter that uses two discs.. Its frankly pathetic in this day and age.

Metal Gear Solid3868d ago

It takes about 10 seconds to eject a disk from the 360, replace it with another and press eject a second time.

It takes 8 minutes to install and load each level of Metal Gear Solid 4.

Humanity - 1
Sony fanatics - 0

reccodog3868d ago

What are you going to do?... Change the disc when in the middle of a race. Only on Xbox 360.

FordGTGuy3868d ago

I bet you would be kissing Sony's feet if you had to install in the middle of a GT5 race. This is a rumor and we already know that Forza Motorsport 2 didn't even come close to the dvd capacity so I don't see why the actual game will be 2 discs. However the second disk could be extras like MGS4 had extras and Halo 3 had extras.

soxfan20053868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

I don't care how many discs it's on - just give us some new tracks!!!
How many times can we race through New York, San Francisco, London, etc. At this point, I'd rather race through the streets of Fargo, North Dakota than San Francisco or New York again, just to get some variety. I'm not just talking about Forza here either - GTA5, PGR4, and Grid are some other racers who seem to recycle tracks far too often.

predator3868d ago

i would rather have 2 dics than having 5GB of my HDD taken up and witing 10 minutes before i can play the game

dude_uk3868d ago

@metal gear solid

you are an idiot. your comment just proves you have not played the game...
the first install is 8 minutes, the other installs only take about 2 minutes.. considering the sheer scale of the game i have no problem with installations...

but aren't racing games suppost to be linnear??? i mean.. its not like you can go nearly everywhere on the map like in MGS4

jessupj3868d ago

I would actually much rather wait 8 mins to install once, then have to change the disk over and over and over and over......

Not to mention the install makes the game a lot better. Sure 2 disks is great because it means there's lot of content, but which ever way you try to spin in and kick mgs4 in the crotch, 2 disks is annoying. So stop defending your dvd9.

Skizelli3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

It's funny how people are all quick to forget the fact that Gran Turismo 2 had 2 discs; one Arcade Mode and the other Simulation Mode. So what if Forza 3 did something like this? Would it really be all that bad? It's not like you'd switch between Arcade and Simulation all that often if that were the case.

God forbid you having to get off your fat ass and swap a disc. *gasp* People are hella lazy now days. It's pretty sad.

potenquatro3868d ago

i have a hard time beliving all these sony fans are real gamers. just read their posts. the truth is in the puding.

solidt123868d ago

The first one was ok. It played great my only gripe was the graphics. I think if they put it on two disc that will allow for better graphics with less compression. It will be interesting to see How good Forza 3 will be vs Gran Turismo 5 when they both come out. They should drop around the same time. Based on what I played in GT 5 Prologue the bar has been risen alot when it comes to graphics.

ravenguard883868d ago

Lossless compression is used to save streaming time, not just to take up less space. In addition, it has nothing to do with how good the graphics are, because it is LOSSLESS, just like when you zip something. Unzipping it provides the exact full file intact.

Because Forza 2 left a lot of room on the DVD9, and they likely won't need to make many improvements to an already great engine, it is likely they will focus on new tracks, cars and the graphical aspects of the game. Though, having a physics engine that runs 360 frames/second may mean they need to do a lot of optimization when it comes to graphics, or they will need to compromise the simulation.

duffpaddy1873868d ago

you dont even own a 360 so why come on here and spout your nonsense

Superfragilistic3868d ago


Exactly who cares. A change of disc or a 10min install. If the game's good I'll buy it.


I assume you're the same brand of fanboy who claimed install times/size shouldn't affect the review scores of MGS4... and yet somehow having 2 discs instead is different?! HINT: It's not about the install or the number of discs, it's whether the game itself is worth it. MGS4 most certainly was and if Forza 2 is any indication then Forza 3 will be to.

@Metal Gear Solid

I understand what you meant. But get your facts right the MGS4 installs per episode are no longer than 2-3minutes. Which, yes, is still longer than the ten seconds it takes to change discs.


Open zone is that way >>>>> :)

@dude uk

"But aren't racing games suppost to be linnear??? i mean.. its not like you can go nearly everywhere on the map like in MGS4"

And yet MGS4 despite open environments is completely linear?! :/

Racing games can take the same episodic approach as MGS4 (look at Gran Turismo 2) or any multi disc JRPG or RPG.

"Considering the sheer scale of the game (MGS4) i have no problem with installations..."

I agree and similarly if Forza 3 does indeed have 400 cars, 100 tracks I will have no problem with occasionally changing discs.


Bubbles for your consistently rational arguments and your mutual hate of fanboys regardless of platform.


It would be nice if they gave the graphics some polish/vibrancy but as you point out one of the key things that sets Forza apart from other racers is the 360frames/second physics engine, which much like GT5 prologues graphics, is completely unmatched in the genre.

In my opinion the physics engine has no realistic competitors so it would be nice if Turn 10 made an effort to pursue graphical prowess and track variety with the remainder of the disc space. :)


Be a gamer not a hater. Forza 3. 400 Cars. 100 tracks. 2 Discs or a 5gig install I don't care. Just bring it on. :)

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the worst3868d ago

2 disc games are played out

chester3868d ago

it's no worse then 3 minute installs between levels every time.

i really don't care how they package games on either 360 or ps3. as long as the finished product is fantastic, i'll more then happily wait for a 3 minute install between levels, or the 5 steps it takes to insert another disc.

PJ3868d ago


You brought up a good point, I would rather switch discs than have a 3 minute install between levels like in MGS4. I own MGS4 and its a great game but it really got me thinking about a multi disc game or multiple level installs. I guess I would rather switch a disc in a few seconds over a several minute install. I am really looking forward to the next Forza.

SCThor3868d ago

Good luck going to the previous room and switch the disc again and again and....or in forza case, good luck trying to race with a car that requires to change the disc for it to load into the race.

Official General3868d ago

First Lost Odessey with 4 discs and now this? The 360 simply never fails to amuse me. Seriously if this is true, this is just pathetic for a current-gen console like the 360 to still be having to go through the embarassment of requiring two discs for just one game that's not even some mega-epic kind of RPG, it's a damn racer! Come on Microsoft, in this day and age having a single game on multiple discs is prehistoric - that goes back to PS1-era days! I don't even remember any major PS2 title needing two discs, and that was last gen!

Microsoft fix up.

aiphanes3868d ago

Two disc racing game on the Xbox 360!!!

This will not work...only the die hard xbox fanboys will buy this...Come on microsoft get with the generation and put in a bluray drive into the Xbox 360...DVD9 is so last generation!

Hoggy19833868d ago

Right, lets try MS new intense 2 disc workout!! Bend down, thaats it, press the eject button, goood. Now take out the disc, keep going, and put the other one in, well done!! Phew, what an extraordinary expense of energy! High Five!! ;)

Seriously, having 2 discs is no problem at all, people need to stop being so pathetic in their desperate attempts to slag off the 360. Oh, and for the record, i have no problem either with the PS3 load times. End of the day, its the game that counts. Now any chance of getting back to debating the content of the game?

solidt123868d ago

The 360 should get a Blu-Ray drive and I am not taking shots at Microsoft. I just think it will allow them to get games on one disc with less data compression and then PS3 and 360 will be on a equal playing field as far as data disc size goes. I own both consoles by the way.

Hoggy19833868d ago

I agree that Bluray is probably the future for now, but MS shouldnt look to implement one this gen as where does that leave all the existing 360 owners, especially those who have splashed out on Elites? I'd say MS should wait until its next hardware offering and make a decision between Bluray or DLC. Although it should probably be both.

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TrevorPhillips3868d ago

yea they should improve the game more

XboxOZ3603868d ago

Have you played the game any longer than several hours. I have well over 100 hours up on Forza 2 98% completion ( http://xboxoz360.wordpress.... and something like 200 cars painted in the Paintshop, (see my stable here:- and the Forza 3 wishlist (here:- http://xboxoz360.wordpress....

The game is great, sure every game has its faults, yet Forza 2 does stand above other racing sims on any console todate. GT5 Prologue is not a sim, not by a long shot. With no damage to speak of of the amount of tuning available, or other aspects associated with Sims, how can it be called a Sim.

Real racing sims are always PC based, but Forza 2 comes the closest to a sim on a console.

PPL were crying wolf when it was reported that Bizarre could not fit PGR4 on one DVD9 disc with the weather effects and car stable they wanted. Look what happened, they fitted it, and more with room to spare on ONE DVD9 disc. Dev these days are finding more and more ways of placing high level data on DVD9 discs and using the consoles fixed architecture to their advantage.

Whereas on PC's they have to build with both High and Low spec PC's in mind. Bad Company is a perfect example of what CAN be done on a 360 or any console for that matter. It has persistent 80-90% destructible environments which usually require huge amounts of Ram and HDD space to store the level damage so that when you go back, it's still there. The Frostbite engine and DICE have made this possible by using a smoke-n-mirrors trick to store the damage in the cache, so that when you return, it simple reloads the damage onto the screen as it was prior to you leaving.

This shows that there's still HEAPS of room left on the Disc for other storage and uses, and dev find more ways of using the technology, more will be able to be fitted on each game disc.

And, as a few have pointed out, this is a "RUMOUR" you Sony nuts . . who seem hell bent on saying anything against MS or even Nintendo for that matter. It shows a certain level of immaturity on your part if you can not simply discuss things like adults or mature individuals.

Our site discusses both platform (but is a Xbox 360 dedicated site, but supports equal discussion on any GOOD game) Shivers, we even covered the release night of MGS4 and loved it http://xboxoz360.wordpress.... . .so grow up and be gamers, not spoilt schoolyard brats pissin' on the wall.

All I see in these threads/comments are scared school boys saying mines-bigger-than-yours etc. Be gamers, if you have nothing of 'value to add, then don't add anything, if you have something that makes sense, then by all mean contribute to a discussion. BTW< not aimed at you Agent X entirely, just there very beginning - okay.

thewhoopimen3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

Don't be silly. Any race car that takes a collision at the speeds Forza or GT is going at are completely unraceable or just destroyed. Collision damage is purely an aesthetic feature and has no real bearing to real racing damage. Look at Car collision tests that the government conducts. Those head on collisions where the engine crunches in are at 40mph. You think you're dented car is going to drive after hitting another car at 120mph? Sure maybe for another 100 feet in the air. Forza doesn't realistic collisions anymore than GT has bumper cars. Its all a matter of looks.

thewhoopimen3868d ago

I dunno why I'm getting a disagree for making sense... if you think your car can withstand a partial collision at 80mph, you show me. Neither game is accurate simulating collisions. Yes there will be body damage... but no way that car is race-worthy. Yes there will be exceptions to the rule... but you're talking a slim minority.

Terry Tate3868d ago

Its not a matter of Forza not modeling car damage realisticaly. The fact is, they at least have some damage in there. There is a reason in Forza to make sure you pass cleanly, not using the other cars as some sort of a bumper to help you take the corner faster. Screw your car up even a little in many of the Forza races, and you will quickly earn yourself a last place finish. Is the damage realistic? No. Is it enough to make you drive clean? Yes. That works for me.

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Bolts3868d ago

Two disk would be ok if they can do a full install with one of the disk.

Alexander Roy3868d ago

What about the people without an HDD? What about the Arcade owners with their 512MB memorycard? I like the way you are thinking, but it won't work, at least not for everyone - and alienating all the people without an HDD would be a bad move for Microsoft, kinda like with Burnout Paradise's online mode.

LaChance3868d ago

wasnt your beloved GT playstation franchize on 2 disnc back in the day ? and was excellent , had no problem at all.

Max Power3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

you are right there is a Gran Turismo with two discs, Gran Turismo 2 for PsOne. But all others have remained upon one disc.

Homicide3868d ago

Changing discs is so last gen.

FordGTGuy3868d ago

everytime I want to go to a different chapter of the game is pretty damn innovative though huh?

kewlkat0073868d ago

I find it funny people easily forget but if it didn't take much from the game then whats the big difference?

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