Rumor: Possible COD5 rename, plus box arts

Xbox360fanboy writes:

The rumors just keep coming readers! This next one is from the same source as all the rest, and has to do with the next installment in the Call Of Duty series. Just like the fourth installments various box arts, it seems that the fifth installment will have many different box arts before any single one is chosen to represent the game. Also, as you may have noticed, none of the box arts have the number "5" on them anywhere. Could this be a ploy on Activision's part to ensure that the best-selling COD4 continues to sell all the way through to the end of the year and beyond? Seems likely.

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TrevorPhillips3872d ago

why dont they just change it back to modern warfare instead of ww2. im sick of tired playing ww2 games

GIJeff3872d ago

in WW2 games require so much more skill to get a kill. I love using the M1 Grand. I wish COD4 had that to unlock instead of that MP44.

will113872d ago

I will not be buying this game like many others cause it is back to wwii

Seraphim3872d ago

because Treyarch is back at the helm of Call of Duty for the fifth installment of the game. Come CoD6 once Infinity Ward gets the game back I think we'll see another modern warfare. Honestly I think it would be best to either give Infinity Ward the CoD franchise or to just branch the franchise. Let Treyarch do CoD World War edition, and let Infinity Ward continue their Modern Warfare Edition. Instead I think we're now left w/ a Treyarch [WW] Infinity Ward [Modern] trade off. Treyarch one year, Infinity Ward the next... Then again, you put both franchises on the market then you're competing not only against other franchises but your own as well...

Panthers3872d ago

I am starting to like this new game. WW2 has been played out, but I never really played any WW2 shooters except MoH Frontlines. This game is looking good.

Sevir043872d ago

because treyarch suchs they fuked up spiderman 3 and they sucked at cod3, secondly the game will look last gen because they still dont have a handle on next gen development Cod3 looked horrible compared to cod2 on xbox 360. and 3rd, it's back in the already tired and need to retire World War 2. they better make a futristic one and i'm sure that will be infinityWards next COD. I'll just wait till next year when they come next with COD6... till then activition and Treyarch can kiss the left and right @$$ cheek.

Panthers3872d ago

Well it only fits that they f**ked up spiderman 3 because the movie blew. I am still pissed at how they ruined such a good franchise.

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TrevorPhillips3872d ago

then i might skip 5 and get 6 lol

Baka-akaB3872d ago

The fact that they wouldnt even dare give it a number , if its true , shows their lack of confidence about the title , and how unsignificant this COD will be .

badz1493871d ago

and no matter how they are trying to spin off the title, I think many are still going to skip this installment of CoD. at least I know I will. so do a lot of my friends! the only thing I want to see is how activision is going to brag about this comes it's release and how they will say it's better than CoD4. we know how how it turned out during CoD3 and it was inferior to CoD2. it's the same scenario all over again - Treyatch vs Infinity Ward!

sniddles3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

post removed. I don't want to be a part of it, reconsidered.

MK_Red3872d ago

Glad to see they have removed the number one. Hopefully the real sequel to COD4, developed by Infinity Ward gets that 5.

Also, 4 of 5 present boxes seem insanely generic. The one with no soldier and just hanging helmets is the only good one IMO.

xplosneer3872d ago

Is the only one that looks like a Resistance Fall of Man cover, without the skull. YES I do realize that there may be box arts before that that had hanging helmets, I'm just pointing out one.

MK_Red3872d ago

Yeah, I only liked that one and it indeed feels really like the Resistance's boxart. They'll probably go with the most generic one with full body of a soldier on it.

mepsipax3872d ago

All of Cod's box art is generic, in fact name one WWII game with original box art

MK_Red3871d ago

mepsipax, so true.
LOL, the news came in that they also chose the most generic one (First from the left) that I was making fun of!

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