Bonus Round - Bonus Round Episode 22 - Metal Gear Solid 4

Episode 22: Part 4 - Metal Gear Solid 4

What's next for Kojima and his team and will MGS4 ever make its way to the 360?

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However, people are wrong about the number of DVD's it would take to hold the game. A recent article posted on N4G sometime ago discovered that MGS4 took up 33 GB. Technically, with DVD 9, you could fit the game on 4 discs; maybe even 2 or 3 with the "best" compression (with a slight loss in video quality). If the CGI videos were re-sized, 2 or 3 DVD's is a conservative measure. Alas, this won't happen. If you don't have a PS3 your out of luck...until the next MGS4 to 360 rumor:-P

aaquib53777d ago

Have you even played the game?

1. Several references to the Cell processor and Bluray have been made throughout the game. Sony exclusive stuff. Watch all the cut scenes and you'll understand.

2. A lot of the equipment they use in the game are actually Apple technology. iPods, Apple Cinema Displays, Mac Pro's, etc. M$ would want them to switch to Zune and PC. ROFL.

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Just a little nitpicking on the CGI compression issue. As you may know the cut-scenes in MGS are not pre-rendered CGI but are scripted to utilizes the in-game engine and textures. If these assets are further compressed, the in-game texture quality may also be compromised. I highly doubt that Kojima would do anything that sacrifices the presentation quality.

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thank you aaquib5, you said everything i was thinking.

+bubbles for your Psycho Mantis skills

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There are a million things in the game the reference to PS brand.


At the install it say "this game is intended for PS3 system only" or something like that. Throughout the game they make it very obvious, this game will NOT make it`s way to the 360. Geoff probaly hasn`t played it out of resentment for PS.

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rofl i got 4 disagrees for saying the truth, i already beat the game, i seen what i saw.

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It would look kind funny with Microsoft advertising Apple Products and Sony Product. Snake uses a PS3 controller to control the MkII robot and the game is Loaded with Apple Pro systems and the IPod is a product that Snake uses during the game.

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Do any of the comments directed at me have anything to do with what I said? Did you read it? If you did, you have a 5th grade reading comprehension skill (read: noob). If you didn't,I think the right word for you is ignorant prick. I talked about the number of DVD's it would take to fit MGS4. I didn't say anything about the possibility of the game coming to Xbox. There will always be hopeful rumors. I also didn't say anything about product placement (apple, psp, ps3) in my comment. I communicated that the game wouldn't come to Xbox 360 period. PS3 has a sweet AAA title and non-PS3 owners want it. I have a game for goodness sake! Too bad you can't see when I'm playing the game like on Xbox Live. Otherwise you wouldn't be able say ignorant and paranoid things like "you don't have the game/PS3." I actually do. Sorry I don't worship my PS3 like so many other people on this site do. I think a few people need to hop off the d!cks of their respective consoles and grow a brain.

Edit: I try to post meaningful and insightful things on but few people attempt to do the same. Maybe I'm on the wrong website because I'll on see here is fanboyism.

SlyGuy3776d ago

Act as Snake dammit!!!

He already has the look, the awesome voice. All he needs to do is buff up a bit more with some steriods and BAM! The movie would be more awesome!

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Forbidden_Darkness3777d ago

Theres no way they could ever put this game on the 360 because not all xbox games have Hard drives. It would also take like 6 fricken discs to play. Its an exclusive and will always be one, so enough with this non-sense.

kevanio093777d ago

To be fair to the xbox they could have the whole HDD required sticker on the front, and its mgs not gta4, not an open world, im sure that changing disks each chapter or whatever wouldnt be a problem

however its blatently not coming out on xbox LOL

not to mention this is getting very in last year old.

supahbad3777d ago

yeah, anybody who has played the game knows it will never cross over, i feel sorry for you too. cuz it's great! if you disagree you haven't played the game yet, kojima must love the ps3

Tmac3777d ago

Wow... They're so desperate for MGS4.

aaquib53777d ago

No, you. The Xbox owners. The only reason the media keeps bringing it up is because you Xbox users keep insisting that MGS4 will one day find itself on the 360. If you folks didn't want it so badly, the topic wouldn't show up on N4G every day.

ps360fella3777d ago

O Lord GT stop the attention seeking........ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

InMyOpinion3777d ago

Two things I noticed while watching their conversation:

1. N'gai Croals swollen belly.
2. Rob Smiths child molester glasses.