The ten best videogame dads ever!


"It's Father's Day! Instead of giving your dad a "funny" card or a(nother) tie this year, how about hanging out with him and playing some videogames? Better yet, instead of sitting on the couch arguing about politics or watching the basketball finals (those are still on, right?), why don't you both discuss who you think are the best videogame dads of all time? And what a coincidence, I happen to have one of those lists right here to help you get started!

From Pac-Man to Jecht, trying to narrow down the best videogame dads of all time was surprisingly tough. Not only were there a lot to choose from, but most videogame fathers are … let's just say they wouldn't make the best Little League coaches. They may be great characters, but that doesn't really make them good dads.

So who made the final cut of perfect digital patriarchs? Hit the jump for a list of the ten best videogame dads … ever."

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LJWooly3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

Big Boss should have been a lot higher up, in my opinion.

hay3874d ago

Yeah, he's the daddy who earned his own video game.

ThatArtGuy3874d ago

Where's Pac-Man and Donkey Kong?!? Both of them had sons.

znu3874d ago

i think the reason that he wasn't higher up because he never really knew his sons, and he tried to kill them...

but at heart, he's a good guy :)

But think of it this way, 2 of his sons tried to follow his footsteps, whereas 1(solid snake)kept trying to kill the family...

he should ground solid snake

Lyan3874d ago

Title of the list:
"The ten best videogame dads EVER!"

Quote from the article:
"He may not have been the best fatherly figure to Snake, Liquid, or Solidus, but Big Boss is easily one of the most fascinating and influential videogame dads of all time."

...Just because his son is a cool protagonist does not mean he was a good father, much lest one of the best. He's only on the list b/c Snake is a bad mofo.

Panthers3874d ago

Yup Big Boss didnt even want his kids. I mean doesnt Snake fight Big Boss at Outer Haven? Not the best father/son relationship.

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telesido3874d ago

wheres max payne at?
they killed his family and he went on a bullet-time rampage.

Le-mo3874d ago

What does Max Payne have to do with videogame dads? He didn't have a son.