Sony Is Convincing the Niche Gamer To Buy a PS4 Now

MegaJon28 writes "Sony has been spending Tokyo Game Show courting the niche gamers. These are the gamers who loved the mass amounts of off beat games on the PS2 that weren’t highly commercialized. The PS3 saw a few of these titles, but not until more recently and certainly not when the PS3 launched. The PS4 appears to be in a different situation with 10 million consoles sold it appears Sony is ready to take more risks with games that have smaller niche based audiences."

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chikane2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

we know it was only a matter of time before this games came to the ps4. now we sit and watch how japan response to the ps4

Lightning Mr Bubbles2420d ago

PS4 seems like it's going to be amazing, only problem is it's not amazing right now. Still waiting, hopefully Destiny gets things really started on September 9th, but who knows.

IndoAssassin2420d ago

If none of the announced games have you excited yet. Then I guess you will always be waiting

user56695102419d ago

Most likely their gonna do the same thing on Japan some will buy it. Most of gamers like handheld and mobile which I hate to putting in different categories because handhelds always been mobile gaming to me. The was better off focusing more on vita. If it had an android of I think it would of took off better. When I had mine sometimes I wanted to read a ebook on that oled screen. And free apps would of hold people over until more games came out.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

the sales wont pick up just yet. But when they start releasing them it will for now it will just be demands increase.

It also ps3 and ps vita may take potential sales if gamers dont feel like spending too much in Japan.

AntoineDcoolette2419d ago

I was honestly surprised to learn Persona 5 is coming to PS4 considering Atlas is a small dev with sparse resources. I wonder if its because they are benefitting from the acquisition by SEGA or if Sony is providing a bit of help with the PS4 version.

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LightDiego2420d ago

True, looks like PS4 will be like PS2 with tons of games, good luck if you want to play all, lol.

Retroman2420d ago


REALLY????-U-think-so???-im-B URNT-to-a-crisp-with-open-world -games-and-MMO,zombie-games.
got-to-be-other-games-that-do nt-BORE-the-hell-out-of-you

sorry-for-space-marks...keybo ard-spilled-with-water

Spotie2420d ago

Do any of the games they just announced fit into the categories you listed?

hkgamer2420d ago

what a stupid article. sony is not convincing the niche gamer to buy a ps4.

i mean it was tgs and they are showing japanese games. are you really saying japan is a niche market?

persona, dragon quest, gundam, yakuza definitely not niche games, disgaea maybe. unless you are talking about it being a niche game in the US.

fk me. why do these people bother writing articles.

Snookies122420d ago

Agreed, Persona in particular has exploded with popularity lately. DQ, Gundam, and Yakuza have always been quite popular.

Disgaea and Ys could be considered Niche, but I love them both just as much as the biggest AAA titles.

megajon2420d ago

Yes they are, look at past TGS in particular 2007 when the PS3 was new like the PS4 is. In 2007 they showed off games like Motor Storm, Uncharted, Gran Turismo and Elder Scrolls IV. Games like Persona 3 and 4 were pushed to the PS2. I think Sony is pushing the smaller game IPs that are not named Call of Duty because they know its already been established that they will have the best experience for those games 9 times out of 10 due to the more powerful hardware. Sony did not get this into these type of games this early in any of their previous consoles cycles.

hkgamer2420d ago

how are those games niche?

its tgs. aimed to cater to japanese fans, those franchises mentioned above are not niche at all.

yakuza kenshan or whatever it was called was released for ps3 quite early if i recall.

i do understand your point that they are pushing japanese devs to move onto current gen faster though.

styferion2420d ago

apparently games that dudebros don't play are niche to them.

cell9892420d ago

PS4 has no games :S

Im looking frwd to all those 'proffesional' articles that state PS4 has no games....

rextraordinaire2420d ago

Most niche games are on Vita still (Within Sony, that is). I doubt we'll ever see something like Danganronpa or Monster Monpiece on home consoles.

But that would be great.

Remy_S2420d ago

We are getting Akiba's Trip on PS4, so I think there is still a good chance more niche titles will be making there way to the console in the future.

rextraordinaire2420d ago

Hmm put that way... I guess you're right!

DualWielding2420d ago

Senran Kagura is coming to PS4 that's kinda niche

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