MLG event reveals new Halo 3 multiplayer map: Cold Storage

Griffin: "Attendees of a recent Major League Gaming event in San Diego were rewarded for their ability to watch other people play video games for eight hours with a visit from Bungie figureheads Shishka and Lukems, who gave the glassy-eyed viewers a sneak peek at their newest multiplayer map for Halo 3, named "Cold Storage". This new map is apparently set in the back room of a Cold Stone Creamery, as part of Bungie's recent partnership with the highly successful, treatweaving corporation.

Actually, the map closely resembles a level from Halo the first, titled "Chill Out". It was one of the game's more unique maps, due to it's smaller size and asymmetry -- though how those aspects will carry over into the remake has yet to be revealed, as Bungie has yet to "formally" announce said map. Apparently, speaking to a roomful of professional video game spectators doesn't count as a formal social engagement. Who'd have thunk it?"

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