Here's another look at Norman Reedus in Silent Hills

Rely on Horror: Konami's website has updated their P.T. / Silent Hills section recently to reveal a new image of Norman Reedus' character in the upcoming game. The image isn't tied to anything new to talk about, but look at that tough-looking dude.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles3123d ago

LOL at the article.

"When was the last time he washed his face?"

I would think if you found yourself in Silent Hill in real life, you would probably look like shit. I don't think you would be worried about how you look.

llxKonanxll3123d ago

Yeah! I laughed at that statement to.


Well, I can be wrong here, but I think you guys are missing it. This was probably pointed as a running joke from The Walking Dead community... Norman Reedus is regularly seen since TWD started, surviving a Zombie Apocalypse, where the actor is always in need of a shower too, so hence it's like if we had never seen him with his face washed.

Azmatik3123d ago

Really excited norman reedus is in silent hill very good pick

Yui_Suzumiya3123d ago

If it's in-game then they're going really all out for this one!

Deadpool6163123d ago

Konami is banking heavily on Silent Hill and I love seeing a company push themselves. PT really caught my attention for being so simple and complex. Going to Guillermo Del Toro was not only a brilliant idea but to match him with Kojima's out of the box creativity should make this game something to be remembered.

Ratty3123d ago

That pic is obviously pre-rendered. Not sure about the teaser at the end of PT. I'd say if the video wasn't pre-rendered it's very likely optimized for that particular scene hence why it looks so good. I'm sure we can expect something similar to MGSV in terms of graphics for the final game. Possibly better since it (most likely) won't be open world and probably won't feature as many character models on screen.

Mr Tretton3123d ago

He's looking for his crossbow.

IRetrouk3123d ago

If there is not a crossbow in the game i will be sad, its just the right thing to do.

noctis_lumia3123d ago

this is silent hill
not call of duty

Azmatik3123d ago

@noctis there was always guns in silent hill games...

Ratty3123d ago

I'd put it in as a bonus weapon for clearing the game IMO. Even if there's always been a gun in Silent Hill I'm sure you won't have much ammo on hand this time around. If PT is anything to go by, I'd the developers will try to give you as little options to defend yourself as possible.

IRetrouk3123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

@ Noctis

Every single silent hill has had weapons in it, a crossbow would not be out of place at all.

Shattered memories had a crossbow in it.

synexonline3123d ago

this is silent hill
not tomb raider

DragonbornZ3123d ago


This is The Walking Reedus
Not silent duty

Tedakin3123d ago

I don't care what his character's name is. This game is Daryl Dixon Goes To Silent Hill.

DevilishSix3123d ago

Exactly, everytime I see that picture or the other one floating around I think Daryl from the Walking Dead and the devs may need to change the design a bit unless they have promission from that actor because it looks to much like him. Actors don't take kindly to their likeness being used without compensation.


Lol at both of you, the game IS STARRING Norman Reedus. He is PART of the game, from face, motion capture, acting and voice.

lsujester3123d ago

Someone hasn't been paying attention.

TheJacksonRGN3123d ago

Sigh. Seriously? Norman Reedus is playing the main protagonist in this game and they are using his likeness. Mo-cap and all that.

TitanUp3123d ago

Norman Reedus plays Daryl Dyxon in the walking dead that is why they look similar lol.

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