Subtitles or Voice Overs? Japanese Prefer Reading Over Audio

Apparently, Japanese enjoy reading over listening to movies and games. But there are cons and pros to both option. It seems different generations are not the only factor when deciding, but global location has a lot to do with their preference.

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aggh im on fire3779d ago

Same here i prefer subtitles rather than dubbing when it comes to foreign films.
I remember trying to watch Itch the killer with dubbing and it had these awful c0ckney accents it was awful.

zafeiriou3779d ago

How about an option for no audio at all? I liked it back in the day when I had to read all the dialogue. Today your only options are crappy english voice acting or really annoying/over the top japaneese audio. Both are equally lame.

player9113778d ago

Just like Final Fantasy games, you kinda grow your own imagination of the character. Each having their own personallity that you base off your own opinion.

Its sorta like listening to a good song, imagining the scenes happening as the song progresses... then seeing the stupid video that forever taunts your thoughts when you hear it again.

Sometimes voice acting can ruin a game. Most of the time the lips and voice aren't synced up... so it looks like crap anyway.

Some of the greatest games lacked voice audio.

barom3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

I prefer having both. I find myself reading all the subtitles to get what they actually mean, but by having voice I can kinda see some emotions (if they're screaming, singing and wutnot) and characteristic (specific way of saying a word, like italians saying "forget about it").

On foreign movies I definitately prefer having the original voices. I hate dubbing. It shouldn't be allowed in the first place.


I always get subs over dubbing in movies and don't need to be that foreign, I'm out of US or any english speaking country, so most movies are on "foreign language" to me (even if I can understand english), but this is just a question of getting it in the original form, the way it was meant to be watched...

But games? They have no original sound at all. If the game in question has a good voice direction at least for the original language, with a good lip sync, I still get the subs, but since it's usually not the case and since I usually don't have an option, I just get whatever language it comes, if it have portuguese, english or spanish subs I can understand it.

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v1c1ous3779d ago

cowboy beebop?
ranma 1/2?

Bonsai12143779d ago

bebop had unusually good dubbing. normally for anime and video games i prefer subs with the native language.

mrjuandrful3779d ago

Some games for me require both subtitles and voice. But I'm greedy, I need it all!


im playing a game, not reading a novel. in cutscenes, i want to hear the character speak. makes it a bit more personal. however just idle chit chat should be text. most of the time i read much faster than the character can stutter it out. both are good for different purposes

CAPT IRISH3779d ago

i generally like reading, but its different in each game

DrWan3779d ago

One of the suppose advantage of BluRay is that it can hold multiple languages, so I assume u can just do original japanese voice with subtitle. I mean alot of the anime DVD already have that option, so it's totally possible. I think MGS4 ran out of room that's why it only had English on all European versions or something like that? there was some limitations on the Euro version, I forgot what it was exactly.

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The story is too old to be commented.