VC wishlist

The virtual console has been appraised for reviving classics and introducing all that retro goodness back into people's lives. Yet Nintendo seems to have missed a gaping hole in the VC.

The Gameboy franchise came to an end when Nintendo confirmed that they were abandoning the three pillar approach to gaming and that the DS was the future of Nintendo handhelds...

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qface643780d ago

all i want right now is mischief makers i want that game on VC one of my old school favorites

gk073779d ago

had fun with a few gb games mischief makers was bomb come on nintendo up your release game lol

zethos563779d ago

Unless they let you trade with other consoles.

GVON3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

I don't want GB games,I want shadowrun (snes,megadrive)
Body Harvest (N64)
Mortal Kombat 4 (N64)
Shadowman (N64)

bama3779d ago

"on the PS3 this could drum up hype for the PS3 game and get cross console users interested in the game if they have never played Final fantasy before"

And Nintendo would want this why? It would be like shooting yourself in the foot. I actually want Pokemon on the VC though.

pwnamon3779d ago

Nintendo would wan't this because it could help rekindle their relations with Square, plus both companies could give each other a boost.