This Week's New Videogame Releases (Week of 6/16/08)

Keep busy with Ninja Gaiden II and Metal Gear Solid 4, because there's nothing new for the Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3 this week. Wii gamers will finally be getting Rock Band at the end of the week. Clank goes solo with the arrival of Secret Agent Clank for the Sony PSP. Square Enix brings revived Taito classics Arkanoid on the DS and Space Invaders Extreme for the PSP and DS. There's never a slow week for the DS...

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aaquib53962d ago

Typical. There's nothing good either.

-Neon-3962d ago

Secret Agent Clank eh..... Might be worth a look see.
A lot of good games out this summer.
There's a whole lot of games been released between now and the end of the month in Europe.
SS Brawl, Crisis Core, Alone in the Dark, TopSpin 3, Bad Company, Beijing 08, C&C Kanes Wrath, GH Aerosmith, Nascar 09, Ninja Gaiden DS, The Bourne Conspiracy,....etc...

AllseeingEye3962d ago

I played the demo on PSN and I cant wait for it. I buy few games and Gamefly the rest, I will be buying Civ Revolution for sure.

SullyDrake3962d ago

I just bought MGS4 LE and DBZ Burst Limit LE, I'm good for a long while.

Perverted3962d ago

I might give Space Invaders a try on DS =/ Apart from that slow week.
I still have NG2 I suppose and you lucky PS3 owners have MGS4.

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