Game Boyz: Emergency Heroes Review

Game Boyz writes: "We here at had the chance to review Emergency Mayhem a few weeks ago. This game was Crazy Taxi like whose theme was more akin to that of emergency services (e.g. police, ambulance and fire). I thought that the premise of emergency services in a Crazy Taxi like environment was neat but the execution in Emergency Mayhem fell short. Well it looks like Codemasters was not the only developer/publisher honing in on this style of game so my hopes were once again lifted. Ubisoft has recently released Emergency Heroes, a game that seems once again very familiar to Crazy Taxi with the emergency services theme, but it also adds a bit of open world experience to it all while trying to manage the premise that you are going to save the town from various disasters. So how does the game fair? Unfortunately not as well as I had hoped. This is somewhat disappointing given that Ubisoft has been on a bit of roll lately."

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