Gamer 2.0 Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Preview

Andrew Giese reports:

''Now that the Guitar Hero franchise has multitudes of competition in the rhythm industry, Activision and developer Neversoft are working hard to bring us a variety of music content and experiences until the release of Guitar Hero World Tour. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is one such example and a step into the next level of the meshing between the rock star songs and the rock star lifestyle.

Gameplay mechanics in GH: Aerosmith will be very similar to those in GH III: Legends of Rock. After listening very carefully to feedback from fans Activision has retouched the hammer-ons and pull-offs, or HOPOs, and adjusted the difficulty levels to remove some of the brick walls faced in Guitar Hero III.

Like the Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80's title that was released between the second and third installments in the series, the Aerosmith game is built on the same engine as the most recent entry; GH III. The same characters and graphics from the third one will also be included. Again like the 80's Encore, there are a few key differences in characters and the soundtrack that will distinguish GH: Aerosmith from the others. You can also bet a new Aerosmith-themed guitar is being developed alongside the game itself.''

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