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Sweet indeed! I really can't wait to finally customize my background, blue is fine but looking at it everyday is just getting me nervous now lol

2.0 I'm waiting for you.

GTgamer1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Well from my observation themes also has background music helllll yessss gimmie a bloodbourne Theme with the Soundtrack playing inthe background or a silent Hills Theme with the creppy noises and sounds (◎_◎;) I take that last one back I don't want it ಠ_ಠ.

nX1603d ago

Oh god, please someone do this! :D
I'd be fine with the music from the leaked trailer as well (can't post it through mobile but I have it running in my head lol)

bouzebbal1602d ago

congrats to dualshockers who succeed to place the same article in the 2 hottest news of the day. i wonder who approves this garbage!
DS is the biggest click website i have ever seen...

OrangePowerz1603d ago

Stop looking at the background amd play stuff :D /jk

iiwii1602d ago

lol... I know, right? Anyway, I thought themes were cool at first on the PS3, but I got tired of them and switched back to just a custom picture for the background. That was good enough for me, but it IS good to have as many options as possible.

I am really more in need of folders like on PS3 where I can structure my games and such.

Killzoner991602d ago

You know that extremely talented designers worked on these right? Don't you think they should get the praise they deserve for their brilliant work? Kudos to Dualshockers for the shining a light on this.

VforVideogames1602d ago

That's all I can do on my ps4 , just put a background cause there are no games.

TI_211603d ago

I'd really like a PS3esque background where the color scheme changes.
Also: When I'm playing a game I want it to be visible in the background when I switch to the menu.

telekineticmantis1603d ago

Themes are a pretty neat feature, I loved the Heavy Rain theme. But it seems like a waste when you're the only 1 who can see it. Why Can't they find a way for people to see you're theme, When they visit your profile.

All this "more social" talk from the early PS4 anouncement conferences , made me think PS4 was gonna be like Facebook or Myspace, with open chat channels running on the side of your PS4, and more animated avatars, and profiles that are like home hubs, where people can see your dynamic backgrounds when they visit your profile. So far this is basically looking like PS3 all over again with a couple new albeit creative features.

Hopefully it develops that way, and the YouTube app they are bringing us can go up to 4K (atleast 1080p), since Sony is invested in it and promised some content PS4 users, if I remember correctly, I think it was more of an insinuation.

AliTheSnake11603d ago

They have profile themes on the vita.

iiwii1602d ago

I actually prefer using the PSN app on my Galaxy Tab 4 or iPad. I hate having to exit the game to check messages and it's much easier to type on the tablet screen

ITPython1602d ago

@iiwii - Checking messages on the PS4 is a breeze, especially if you double-tap the PS button to quickly go back and fourth from game to message menu (or whatever menu you were last at).

Not sure if any of the newer PS4 players know about the double-tap PS button feature, but it is a great time-saver.

nunley331602d ago

If your streaming your game and go into the menus anybody on the stream will see it. They may add sharing to things you buy like they have with ps3. The trophy and purchase sharing was a neat idea that i wouldn't complain about ps4 getting. You could then tweet out when you bought it or to FB hey i bought this, take a look. Devs would like this sharing added as it's free advertising.

Madderz1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )


"If your streaming your game and go into the menus anybody on the stream will see it."

Correct me if i'm wrong but everytime i've streamed and entered the PS menu it pops up and says that you cannot stream the content. When you go back in game it resumes.

I've seen it when actually watching a stream too it comes up with a blue screen with the triangle, circle, cross and square all like rolling along.

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lsujester1602d ago

I want that more than themes. I'm sick of scrolling through 20 game icons just to get to something.

nunley331602d ago

I saw an earlier leak of screens that showed folders and sony is working on it, it'll come. Who knows if it'll come in 2.oo or the later update that adds DLNA. I use folders and group games together on my PS3 and name the folders, it's very handy and one i'll love getting on the ps4.

starchild1602d ago

Looks awesome. I can't wait to be able to use themes on my PS4. I hope they still allow you to use your own custom themes and backgrounds.

BitbyDeath1602d ago

Anyone else notice the Avatar disappears when they revert back to pre-2.00 build. This might be hinting at proper avatar support.

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mark3214uk1603d ago

wish it would hurry up tho :)

Father__Merrin1603d ago

brilliant feature. now if only they dropped that silly music playing in background when ppl have thier cams on

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