The Conduit : new screenshots published some great shots of the upcoming FPS for Wii, aka The Conduit.

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phantomexe3965d ago

Can't wait to see details on the story the gameplay and the online.This game is looking great.Sure thell be some ps and xbox fanboys posting here soon tearing the game apart.... like the form troll mkred.

IzKyD13313965d ago

i think the Wii will FINALLY be able to achieve the PS2 and Xbox graphics!

GFahim3965d ago

looks like the ps360 fanboys are here early!

Doppy3965d ago

The game isn't where they said it would be graphically, but they have until Spring 09 to get it there.

znu3965d ago

yea, the graphics look on par with a ps2 game right now

I don't think they can pull off next(well current) gen on the wii BUT they can create a great game if the gameplay is good.

That is the wii's motto, "we don't have the best graphics but we do have the best gameplay"

it's a matter of opinion really, i just don't like the wiimote for moving characters around and such cause the controls tend to be unfamiliar

I don't like the wii because it's too different and not what i grew up playing, it's just a personal thing

Fernando Rocker3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )


That's the problem with a lot of N4G readers that haven't played with the wii. There's no game in third person of first person perspective, or any other game that you move the character with motion.

You guys need to remember that 90% of WIi games uses the nunchuck. You still are going to move the characters with an analog stick.

The Remote in FPS uses the infrared camera (the little black window at the upper part of the remote) to use the pointer. Kinda like a mouse and keyboard setup. You have the aim in the center, and if you move the pointer, the camera moves.

znu3965d ago


i have played the wii and used the nunchuk, i played a resident evil game

and im not talking about the analog stick

im saying that aiming itself is completly different
just aiming the gun is hard
frustrating more...

BrotherNick3964d ago

Analog sticks were hard at first...get used to it lol. If it was as graphically amazing as the other systems you people wouldn't be complaining about the games at all. I think the wii has a better control system for fps, it's practically like a mouse that you point. Get some muscle control. Maybe work out a bit.

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phantomexe3965d ago

I know this is kind of off topic but what surprises me is the lack of rts games on the wii.I'm a big fan of c&c games and any of you guys who have played the pc games know you can drag your mouse over units and select a bunch at 1 time.The wii seems like a perfect fit for these types of games.I say this because i flat out hate the controls on my xbox for these types of games.Looking at the drag pick up unit type thing is just 1 reson the wii seems to match control scems with the pc.I don't no, it just seems like it work so much better.RTS games never made a good jump from pc to consul imo control wise there terrible.I think there money to be made when someone drops a rts game to the wii and hits the controls right anyone agree?

Fernando Rocker3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

Thats why the delayed Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution game for the Wii.

They want to use the IR pointer to act exactly like a mouse pointer.

TruthbeTold3965d ago

Total War, StarCraft, etc.
If they can make the games look decent, and hit the gameplay nail right on the head I'd be very happy. Not that Spore is a rts, but I think that we'll learn alot about how well the Wii will do with PC style games from it. The system requirements for that game look a little bit beyond the Wii's capability, so obviously they'll have to make a slightly different version for the Wii. How close they get to the original version, (or how far they choose to move away from the original version) will tell me alot.

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