DualShock 3 $44.99 (34.99 with google checkout)

This is a truly an amazing deal if you are needing or wanting the dualshock 3 or just a new controller. It is $44.99 but if you buy it through google checkout you can get it for only $34.99 and this item has free shipping. Here is the link:

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Kenlundy073775d ago

well i went on there and if you get approved for the credit card its only 14.99 (they take 30 bucks off)

sniddles3775d ago

I did just this last night, but with an HDMI cable. with the discount and free shipping.... it was FREE. I paid nothing and it'll be here this week.

google checkout ftw.

BlackCountryBob3775d ago

Its a damn shame they don't ship outside the continental US :(

emaddox843775d ago

I ordered mine...just in time for MSG4.

thehitman3775d ago

But no money mgs4 got me drained...

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