Metal Gear Solid 4 - Multi Player Survival Guide

NextGEN Gamers has put together a survival guide of the top 10 multi player tips and tricks for Metal Gear Solid 4.

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will114606d ago

Too bad multilayer is not the best it could be but single player FTW

Organic_Chemistry4605d ago

"The goal is the headshot", Headshots are hard to get, you see an enemy start shooting a full clip into him, then if hes lucky he shoots you once in the head and all that work goes to nothing. MGSO needs to change the pace of the game and the amount of shots it takes to kill someone. I standing there unloading a clip into a guy as he does the same to me and the one who gets the lucky headshot, wins! Totaly stupid, COD4 is still better for online, the pace and hits to kill etc are way better. The online in COD4 flows so nicely and does not take an entire 4 seconds of non-stop shooting to kill the bloody guy. COD4 is THE online multiplayer, but MGS4 is definitely THE game for PS3. I really hope they change it all soon...

By the way...


socomnick4605d ago

Yea I agree with you guys. The damage models in mgo are all out of wack. Takes 5 shots to the chest to kill or 1 random hs. Thats not putting the horrible lag over psn. Most of the time you have to aim ahead of the enemy to hit them . Also why cant we use the psn id. Having to click yes to sign an agreement every time you want to play the game is annoying.

Once again this game shows that.

Japan fails at multiplayer.

Bigrhyno4605d ago

I am not trying to be rude, but if you really think headshots are just luck... then you probably suck at the game. I love it too, reminds me of Counter-Strike where the person who aimed for the head would win.

xhairs4605d ago

Like the guy stated in his article, "10. Know your game types. As always certain game modes will allow you to think of alternative tactics to win. For example, in team death match, you are required to have more spawn points than your opponent when the timer runs out. It isn't always about getting the most kills so why not play smarter?"

Play Smarter, CoD4 = Run & Gun -- no matter what the game type its all about kills because it's an FPS. MGSO -- kills don't mean jack shat. Learn 2 Play before comparing two different genres.

Organic_Chemistry4605d ago

"MGSO -- kills don't mean jack shat"

Are you being serious? What then is the point of MGSO if you dont try to kill the opposite team? Stand there and let them kill you so that you can get the worst possible k/d ratio? I dont know how you play MGSO but I and everyone else plays it by killing the other team..

I LOVE my xbox4605d ago

stop pretending you have this game. No, seriously, just stop. We all know you would never purchase an MGS game, let alone a PS3. All you're doing is restating what some people have said as if it will make you less of a fanboy.

minus 1 bubble for you for being a noob.

xhairs4604d ago

Well apparently you didn't play the single player mode correctly. It's a different style of shoot 'em up. Granted your objective can be accomplished by killing the other team. But if you run out expecting 5 - 6 people to just pop out and kill them -- you're wrong. That's my point of KILLS DON'T MEAN JACK SHAT. In this game yes kills are great but your #1 priority should be the objective at hand.

In CoD4 -- your objective is simply to kill the other teammate. Time and time again in CoD4 I have seen people come in strictly to kill other people in an HQ objective. Why? Because it's an FPS.

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name4606d ago

MGO doesn't exist to me. Not until they make the changes the beta testers listed over and over and over again. Single player until they change it.

Shankle4606d ago

I like the gameplay but the menus and lobbies are so utterly appalling that I don't see myself playing it much at all.

Bigrhyno4605d ago

I've heard that from a few places, and I just don't see it. I have no problems with the menus at all.

xhairs4605d ago

I couldn't imagine the way a lobby looks destroying an entire game for me. If that was true I doubt I'd have played CoD4 or practically any game at that.

Phatjabba4605d ago

If you stick with your team you have a much better chance of not dying or hitting your objectives.

I don't see why you guys dislike MGO so much, I think its so much fun and different than your usual FPS multiplayer.

Close_Second4605d ago

...component of that and I dare say the hardcore gamers will make it work for them. But there are too few PSN members with headsets which makes teamplay damn hard and it will turn into nothing but a free-for-all for most who play.

chasuk084605d ago

I love MGO, it takes a good 2 hours getting used to before you start destroying people, but yh its great. One of the best online games around

socomnick4605d ago

The game is horribly flawed. Great concept but it fails to deliver. This could had been a great multiplayer game but even after the beta it sucks.

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