9 Resistance 2 multiplayer screenshots have posted 9 screenshots of Resistance 2 multiplayer.

"Yesterday we posted 35 Resistance 2 screenshots and here's 9 more to add to that batch. The following screenshots are from the multiplayer part of the game."

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Silogon3959d ago

I know they can refine the graphics a bit, I mean it's Insomniac afterall but what I'm most interested in is the single player. I wanna see more of those Grims and I hope they're a big part of the game at that. The way they infected the streets was just awesome. Tons of them, all at once, coming for you.

I can see this playing out very well on my tv.

will113959d ago

These pics show that the console of 2008 is PS3.

daparky3959d ago

I agree with you there.

3959d ago
juuken3959d ago

Can't argue there.

ThichQuangDuck3959d ago

The year is only half way and calling it the console of the year on MGS4 and some good resistance 2 screens is too far but ok. But they do look good but seem to have a slight yellow haze probably just the screen.

socomnick3959d ago

This game is so generic its not even funny. I hope killzone murders this game at least killzone 2 actually plays like a modern fps not a generic pos.

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King_many_layers3959d ago

Though they don't look as great as what people might have expected in terms of graphical refinement and such, I'd like people to just quickly step back and remember the differences between Killzone 2's first showing and it's showing at PSday. The differences were phenomenal, greater character models, more refined lighting, texture quality dramitcally increased. Resistance 2 still has 5 months of development time. They have the game running and it's now up to optomising each area.
I can almost assure these graphics are pretty much place holder.

Not to mention these screenshots look a bit sh*tty, when I watched the video and paused it, it looked a lot better than these do.

King_many_layers3959d ago

sorry, I don't think I've made myself clear.
I'm talking about the comparison of the E3 2007 with the Playstion day 2008 footage.

big leaps in terms of textures and in some ways the lighting too.

TheExecutive3959d ago

dude those screens show that KZ2 is miles ahead of the e3 '05 trailer

AmaziN3959d ago

Thanks for that link.

The hand that feeds3959d ago

o dear wat is that sh88t come on guys u no it looks crap!!! ps3 console of o8 my asss!

Mc Fadge3959d ago

Now off to the open zone.

King_many_layers3959d ago

I can see why you say that it doesn't look amazing, because it doesn't YET. But can you not tell when something is work in progress. the water effects are amazing, the animations are improved alot and some of the textures are of a high resolution, ( you have to watch the video in Hd to see this properly ) the game is simply unfinished and this is indicative of the driection it's going in. They are not showing this to us to show off their mighty graphics engine, they're showing us how the game is shaping up in terms of the play and what to expect.

kosha3959d ago

Even if the graphics were sh88t (which there not) and the game turns out to be crap that doesnt matter. There would still be more great games coming out for ps3 than 360 in 08

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