Gears of War Grinds Up Britons

Emergence Day has come and gone and the rough men from Gears of War have managed to see off not only the Locust Horde but also Need for Speed: Carbon and the rest of the top-sitters on the UK chart.

It wasn't even close. The heavily hyped shooter sold so well this weekend that it's now the second-fastest selling Microsoft game ever - only Halo 2 was faster.

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venom nolatari4401d ago

I am not surprised but I am pleased with this news. There are some really good games on the way for us 360 owners(RSV AO2 Forza2 halo3 etc etc) lets hope they continue the very high standard of GOW, as this is the benchmark for the others to follow! This so called next gen wars will only have one winner ............... the gamers! Regardless of the consoles they own.
The more they raise the standards the better for everyone!!
Hey DC can I have a poem from you? E.G. the normal rhyming and ranting? or do you agree with me?? Thanks

Bullseye4401d ago

Thought i knew better, but i still got suckered by GOW hype.
This is not the place for a review, but i finished gears on hardcore today and quite frankly i'm completely UNDERwhelmed! Bosses are so old generation ask Halo they didn't use them.Lots of glitter, but no gold here friends

JoelEH4401d ago

Online man! ONLINE! Its sick Im just hoping for more maps maybe some bigger ones.