An Open Letter to Chris Buffa: You don't get Metal Gear

My jaw literally dropped to the floor upon reading the following statement, one which essentially sums up your problem with Metal Gear Solid 4, and shows that you truly do not understand the series whatsoever:

"it needs to study its competition and evolve, delivering shorter cut scenes and superior shooting."

This quote succinctly sums up what your problem with this game, and how out of touch you are with what this game is at its core. You are essentially saying "Metal Gear Solid 4 should change what it is - a unique, extremely story driven, sneaking/stealth game - and focus its attention on being like 95% of all the other shooters out there". I literally am still shaking my head that you would even imply something like this, because you are literally telling Konami to suck the heart and soul of this game, what it is, what it has always been and stood for, and replace it with something that you can get from numerous other games on the market. As I said before, if you want Gears of War, or Halo 3, or Call of Duty 4(games that have nice short cut scenes, and plenty of superior shooting) I would be happy to send you a copy of each game for you to play and enjoy. Unfortunately for you, this is not what Metal Gear stands for, and I pray to the executives at Konami, and Kojima himself, and any deity that will listen, that if a future Metal Gear Solid game does come out, it will not be anything like those games either.

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Silogon3870d ago

This guy was trained on the nipple end of Microsoft's wang. I hate him.

theKiller3870d ago

well what else can he say to bash MGS4?? he cant!! so he compared it to halo 3 with tones of flaws and very short story, COD4 is short, gears of war is short too!! the only thing that make them longer is the multiplayer which i think its a trick to make up for short campaign!

to the xbot that wrote "it needs to study its competition and evolve, delivering shorter cut scenes and superior shooting." he need to play shooters and review only shooters in his life!! looser!!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3870d ago

...Watch your Back!(when your ca$hing in your Big Cheque from Micro$oft at your Local Bank!)and be worried of Boxes(that move when your not looking)!!!;-D

Er...'it needs to study its competition and evolve'???

Hmm...More like...'the competition needs to study this MASTERPIECE and evolve!!!' ;-P

@theKiller ;) Good one;)

PoSTedUP3870d ago

was up my people, dont listen to this hater.. mgs4 is the best damn game i ever played. its the game of the year and there should be more devs like konami. the dynamics alone sh*ts on any game ever made. go play mgs4 and enjoy what konami pored his heart into. it has so much replay value, the best customization i have ever seen in weaponology, the dynamics and the best, its more intence than anything, the graphics sh*ts on uncharted, the story is amazing, the options to do things is infinite and i dont want it to end : ( MGS isnt for every one, but when you look at the game its self as a gamer, theirs no doubt that you have witnessed the MOST EPIC game made to this date. their so much stuff one can say about this game but i will end it at that, and hope every one has a chance to experience "the" game. peace and god bless.

Bob Dole3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

What an r-tard.

Condoleezza Rice3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Chris Buffa(Admittedly,a nobody in the industry)will NEVER be taken seriously from here on out by gamers,he clearly has no idea what he's talking about when reviewing games,and his response to the criticism of his pathetic review proves that he's nothing more than a biased reviewer(with a side of crybaby in him).

Let me add GameDaily to my 'ignore' sites,his 15 minutes of N4G fame are about to be up.

ThanatosDMC3870d ago

HAHAHAHHA... that's what i thought too Bob Dole! Bubbles for you.

NO_PUDding3870d ago

Agreed, I am going to post a blog post, on some emails I exchanged with him.

He truly is very close-minded. He virtually said that a game cannot be innovative if it does not have a few details right (about the glass and bottles, which are purely aesthetics).

And he also pointed out, he does not review on the spoilers (essentailly making it a preview, no?). If this means he did not take into account the fantatsic things the game has done after the first level, then he is even worse than I thought.

Millah3870d ago

Agreed. This Buffa dude is a nobody, I love how in his response he points fingers at other sites, like his site has any sort of credibility or any sort of voice for the industry. Guy just sounded like a total clown.

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omni_atlas3870d ago

I read his response at http://gamerush.zoomshare.c...

What a total douche bag.

ruibing3870d ago

Yeah, who in the world ever focuses his complaint on glass breaking physics? Since when did that even become a core part of the game mechanics. I feel as if he got stuck on a boss for going in guns blazing on easy, which would cause the enemies's AI to be less ruthless and therefore seem a lil dumber. So he went back and just tried to do his review with what he had.

LastDance3870d ago

ahahha..he needs to shut up and go play gears of war...atleast he will understand the storyline then.

xhairs3870d ago

LMFAO bubbles!!!!!! hahahaahahahhhah he probably tried to unlock an achievement as well.