Star Tribune: Metal Gear Solid 4 Review - 'Masterpiece'

From the review: "Metal Gear Solid 4" is a masterpiece. As the crowning achievement of the series' 20-year history, Hideo Kojima's final "Metal Gear Solid" title might not be what you expect, but it is everything you could hope for in a video game.

"MGS4" plays like the kind of game you always knew "Metal Gear" could be. The reinvented control scheme is the best thing that has happened to the series, giving combat a visceral and intuitive edge. Codec interactions are drastically reduced, which puts the focus on the stunning events happening right in front of you. Similar to games such as "Call of Duty 4" and "BioShock," "MGS4" makes excellent use of scripted events during game play, such as a rebel's execution or a robot crashing through a building. I doubt you'll even see them all in a single play-through."

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AllahAkbar3804d ago

star tribune is the largest newspaper in minnesota, very nice.

crimsonfox3804d ago

how he says how you can ask everyone how they completed what ever mission and there usually different this game really has a million ways to be beat im replaying it now and using gun mods.i didn't use them the first time but now i have and it changes the game alot the sneaking is the best of it's kind this blows away SC's sneaking and that's just the sneaking there's tons of ways to complete it and i cant wait to continue figuring out ways how.

SaiyanFury3804d ago

I just picked up MGS4 and finished the first battle with Rat Patrol and I'm loving every minute of it. Comparing MGS4 to Call of Duty 4 is moot. COD4 focuses more on the online aspect which is where it really excels. MGS4, while has a big online focus, also focuses on a large single player aspect. Comparing COD4 and MGS4 in the single player aspect is bunk. COD4 truly rocks as an online title, but the single campaign was admittedly short. The MGS series excels in the single player area. And that is what I truly love it for.

supergamer3804d ago

it truely is an MASTERPIECE no doubt!

juuken3804d ago

One of the best games I've ever played.

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The story is too old to be commented.