Microsoft is confident their 2008 line-up is "just as big of a year"

Shane Kim and Phil Spencer of Microsoft are excited about this year's line-up for the Xbox360 with Gears of War 2 and Fable 2 in the pipeline. Though they admit "it's easy to look back and go 'you can't possibly be as strong'," referring to last year's star studded guest list of COD4, Mass Effect and Halo 3.

"I feel very good about our line-up," said Spencer, Microsoft Game Studios vp. "I think if you look at the inception of the 360 and our contributions at Microsoft Game Studios, this holiday looks to be in my mind another great holiday for us."

Sony will be swinging back hard with the PlayStation 3 this year with some big guns ready to fire like Resistance 2, LittleBigPlanet and the big wave of interest from the hotly anticipated Metal Gear Solid 4.

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PoSTedUP5222d ago

sony has more than just games coming at E3. they might actually start to try this year. : P

DarkSniper5222d ago

Microsoft barely made a splash with their pitiful and lackluster lineup of games in 2007. With games such as Bioshock and Halo 3, Xbox 360 still managed to rank in 3rd place in total worldwide sales for 2007.

The company is displaying a false sense of confidence that further conveys their translucent image as the money laundering scoundrels of the gaming industry.

Dark Sniper knows that PLAYSTATION®3 has provided him with the top notch quality games that indulge him into the most immersive experience possible. If the gamers want a gaming system, PLAYSTATION®3 is where it's at.



TheColbertinator5222d ago

Dark Sniper is the man who PWNZ

heyheyhey5222d ago (Edited 5222d ago )

they're not wrong, but there's a difference this year- Sony is delivering the real goods this time

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mikeslemonade5222d ago

Stronger than Halo 3 and Bioshock? Gears 2 will not get higher ratings than those 2.

Sayai jin5222d ago

You know this because.... They have a diverse line up. Gears 2 is not the only good game that will be launched. It will be the biggest, but... Oh yeah, Bioshock was GOTY, but even the first Gears outsold it. No trying to be mean. Man, it is obvious you do not like the 360, so why are you always posting in 360 news? Oh yeah why do you hate the Lakers?

Jinxstar5222d ago


Don't call people biased when you are yourself. It's hypocritical. Next is that this is a trolling post. Last year was a great line up but from what I have seen at my local GS store a lot of people are trading in their 360's for PS3's man. My roommate even did. He was excited for gears 2... Thats it though. Fable will probably come to PC as will gears 2 anyway... Not much of a point in owning a 360 ATM. Banjo looks like a flop and with Sony's line up you really can't go wrong right now bro...

Sayai jin5222d ago (Edited 5222d ago )

@Jinxstar- It's Sayai jin. I'm biased. Show me how I am???? I'm waiting. I own all three consoles and support them all equally. I do not own stock or part of any of the three companies so I have no reason to be biased. I am a gamer who enjoys gaming plain and simple. At least if you are going to call me out use some degree of accuracy. Yeah, that is what is happening in your local area. It subjective, another perosn wil have a diffrent experience in they area. Just as their line up is subjective. Soe will say it is great and other will say diffrent.

Edit: Thats what I thought. nothing to back up what you are saying. You are the one who is biased. I knowm becuase I found a thread of yours that you admited it.

BTW, the guy I was commmenting on always trolls in 360 news.

Xwow20085222d ago

gears of war is a better game than halo3 and bioshock.
(the first GOW and i think also the second)

Jinxstar5222d ago (Edited 5222d ago )

Sorry man I have stuff to do besides concern myself with what you have to say. Honestly everyone has a favorite. I own all 3 consoles as well and am a very dedicated gamer. Why are you calling so many people out and the only thing I see really is you defending MS and calling people out who are defending Sony. People are biased but do you really want to stir the pot and make it worse without some kind of motive? Look this really is a discussion that will go nowhere. Have a favorite and enjoy it I do but you just seemed to come in here all of a sudden and call people out....

Also I know your full user name on here. I am sorry to have offended you I shorten it just like everyone else does with people... Look man I have no beef and don't care to continue on in this discussion. Feel the way you want. People can see the writing on the wall and are saying so man.

Edit: How you appear biased. Talking about how much better games were on the 360 and how they will continue as such. Thats fine to feel that way but it shows an amount of favoritism is all. I just don't like others saying as such. Bioshock got a ton of GOTY awards. I played it and saw both endings and while it was cool I still think it could have done a lot more... Just an example. It is all subjective though.

Also commenting on trolls is really kind of pointless. I even gave you an agree and a bub for your first comment to show you how I am not agains't opinions just it "Seemed" or "Appeared" hypocritical man...

Vecta5222d ago

Jinxstar, he was argueing that the new 360 games will be better then the old 360 games.... how is that being biased in favor of the 360 instead of the PS3 or Wii...

Its not hard to logically conclude that there will be numerous games that you know, are better then older games...

Sayai jin5222d ago

@Jinxstar- Your claim for me biased is still wrong. I never said that 360 games would be better than the PS3 games. What I said was that the games in 2008 and beyond should be better than the ones in 2007 for the 360. You will never hear me say that the 360 has better games or vica versa. It's pointless, they are all making awesome games (with a few bombs) all will continue to do well.

I think its okay to have a favorite, but having a favorite does not mean you have to go and bash the other. It's actually kind of childish. The person I was calling out always bashes the 360 related news and he was the first to comment. I do the same for people who make trolling attempts on anything thing, This is the "Gmer Zone" his comment belonged in the "Open Zone". So no, comments on trolls are not pointless and the N4G new rules are in line with that. They encourage the use of the report feature. It's a way to keep legitimate discussions going in the gamer zone.

I for one am not biased, of I was making money for one of these companies then yes maybe I would. But having a biased is not bad, but people should not have to bash the other console. I break it down like this, I like XBL the best, because of my friendlist and all the other features, I like the Wii controller becuase of the innovation, I like the PS3's opened ended O/S software, etc etc etc. Really it balances out to the games I am playing. When one of the companies stops making games for my system or they start to suck, then I may be biased.

Oh I rarely disagree with someone elses opinion, I mean it's hard to disagree with an opinion right? If someone rambles some baseles, fanboyish, etc comment I sometimes respond. Alot people are getting tired of N4G becoming fanboy central. Do not get me wrong rabid fanboys have a right to be in N4G too, but there is a place for everyone...

No problem with Sayai, people often spell it worng or mispronounce.
Game on...

jcgamer5222d ago

Jinxstar is not biased AT ALL...he keeps it REAL...absolutely 100%...he tells it like it is, no matter what platform it is or what platform a game is on...and is a very dedicated gamer...his PSN always has a new game he's playing..dude gotta have a HUGE stack of em'

game on Jinxstar and Sayai Jin

as for the topic, I'll take Gears of War 2 over Halo 3 anyday of the week and twice on Sunday...therefore, 2008's line-up of 360 games is better for me than last year...AHEM! However, SONY's line-up is stronger PERIOD...but at the end of the day, plenty of great games will be played in 2008...

wallace10005222d ago

Who cares about ratings? So many people on this website get so hung up on what some goon gives a game in his/her review. I am a fan of playing the game for myself and deciding if i like it or not, i don't let other people tell me if a game is good or bad.

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