Motion Sensor Control for Xbox 360: Codenamed "Newton"

XboxOZ360 reports on the "Newton" motion sensor for Xbox 360:

"We have all heard a lot of rumblings about a Wii-remote style controller for the Xbox 360 for a little while now. Various members of the Xbox Executives have come out with comments alluding to the 'possibility' of such a device.

But new news has arisen of late and the skuttle-butt is that the Newton is the new boy-on-the-block. News that has been 'confirmed' by the

"I can now confirm the existence of the Xbox Wiimote clone project and I can tell you the project code name : "Newton""

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Silogon3779d ago

If it is a knock off version of the wiimote I hope Microsoft is met with a much deserved cold shoulder from the industry. Sony too. The wiimote fad is absurd and it's not bridging anything for Hardcore players. In fact, it's widening it.

Sony, Microsoft, you have the opportunity to make great things happen with your systems and copying the "fadic" success of your novelty competitors is not the way to do it.

PoSTedUP3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

i think the ps3mote will be different from what i herd, im not looking forward to neither of them (what you said). but i hope they dont copy the wiimote in any way cause Nintendo will sue in a heartbeat. design, shape, color, weight, technology, Nintendo will get at them on every last thing. *exaggerates a lil* its a bad trend to follow, ps3 is awesome with sixaxis<----(more convenient than wmote)

PirateThom3779d ago

The entire force of the gaming industry came down on Sony because they "ripped off" Nintendo (ignoring an old patent Sony had years ago for a motion sensing controller) and Microsoft deserve the same because this is much more blatant.

However, being Microsoft, a lot of people are going to lap this up, since if it's not Microsoft, you're doing it wrong, apparently.

syanara3779d ago

by sony and microsoft having their own motion controllers the wii would stop being the top system and the console wars would really rage on the wii would go down in popularity and both sony and microsoft would get more and more sales from people who owned wiis now that also makes developers able to make most wii games multiplatform.

Pain3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Newton was name of Apple's 'palm thingy handheld" thing way back, see Always copying. Oh M$ never a original idea.

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gaminoz3779d ago

Think there'll be a 360-fit next?

I wonder if more quality games would get made for a 360 wii-mote than there has been on the Wii. I swear my Wii just sits there until some non-gamer friend comes over to play Wii sport (still) or my wife and her many sisters do Wii fit.

Jamie Foxx3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

hdmi sockets and motion controls were a fad and not needed?

microsoft the world would be a much duller place without you,you crack me up

gaminoz3779d ago

Yeah you do wonder why some make these sorts of comments only to have to eat their words down the road. I do think the Wii could become redundant though if this is as good or better with software support. I'm really not that impressed with the titles on Wii.

InMyOpinion3779d ago

And Sony said rumble was a thing of the past ;)

1080p is true next gen lol!

Both MS and Sony are full of bs...

Sayai jin3779d ago

@gaminoz- Yeah my Ninty Wii does the same thing. It was fun at first.

@Jamie Foxx- Yeah, MS did say that, how silly of them. You know what else is funny is how Sony and Ninty said that online gaming had no future. Talk about eating words. So do not try to make this just about MS. Companies should learn to keep their mouths shut. The dreaded PR game, how sad.

cito35th3779d ago

MICROSOFT HAS NO INNOVATION WHATS SO EVER!it is obvious that this is a complete rip off from wiimote, before launch microsft said that it is IMPOSSIBLE to play 1080p game and then ps3's nba launch title was.... 1080p.... and what does microsoft do? come out with a 1080p title...ps3 presents a bigger hard drive and a hdmi, what does microsoft do, come out with a system with bigger hard drive and hdmi
ps3 presents BLU-RAY and what does microsoft do? now presenting hd-dvd. the failure of hd-dvd foreshadows 360's future.

microsoft is full of sh!t.

people are going to say well sony said .... multiplayer is not going to take off, but you do not see sony laying off singe plaer to go to multiplayer!! games like heavily sword, uncharted, lair, all with no multiplayer... and mgs4 with great multiplayer!

tatotiburon3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

[email protected]

oh remember wich console was the first with hard drive and online multiplayer? yes original xbox and the dreamcast but not big as xbox live...oh sixaxis is original and innovation??

solidt123779d ago

The sixaxis was developed before the Wii Mote. I will admit though that they didn't decide to use the sixaxis with the PS3 until they saw the Wii mote but they already had the controller.

xhairs3778d ago

6-Axis is different technology than the wii-mote. However when I first saw this picture all I could imagine was the wii-mote. Are they going to make a "Newton-Chuck" to go with it? Hell even the blu-ray remote for the ps3 doesn't look anything like the wii-mote.

Dareaver13778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Just how old are some of you, you think that Sony and nintendo innovated everything....

MS had the first motion sensing controller.

MS had the first controller with triggers.

HDMI is not needed for gaming, it's needed for movie playback and that was forced upon companies because the movie and media conglomerates mandated it, but it is not needed for Hi-Def gaming as MS clearly stated.

MS and Sega pioneered online console gaming.

Sega made the first cd based console gaming experience.

Guess how Sony got into console gaming, they wanted to develop with Nintendo a CD based console, duh....

MS had a hardrive in every console first.... What do you have to say now.

Nintendo DS had the first built-in WiFi.

Let's not forget when sony said rumble is old gen, guess they re-nigged on that one huh.

Let's talk about this 1080p thing, it is not feasible for this gen, not only do most homeowners not have 1080p capable tvs and aren't acquiring them fast enough, it also hurts these consoles. Both of them don't have enough ram to support true 1080p (native) graphics for more complicated games, and it hampers their performance. Next gen it would be smarter and easier to support the claim that 1080p is a must, but not this gen.

Every company copies/re-innovates something someone else has done/made, some of you need to wake up and come back to reality.

kewlkat0073778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

with "He said, She said" until we are after the fact, then it looks hypocritic but all of them do it so no reason to bring it up like Fox has. Unless you acknowledge all of the console manufacturers.

Quite frankly more power to MS, why would I complain, I'm not jealous in any way. If it comes out and it works with some creative games in HD then I'm all for it.

But what will Sony do?

player9113778d ago

well instead of flamebaiting and acting like fanboys all the time how about simply talking about it.

I love my Wii. Playing Quake via the Homebrew channel using the nunchuck and wiimote is awesome. I wish Nintendo would have more FPS games like that. It not only runs great but the motion controls feel great.

With MS, the control scheme is there. Simply replace the joystick inputs with the motion sensing of the Newton and you magically create a totally new experience for EVERY 360 game.

The downside is that the buttons and such are out of place. Lots of games on the Wii can use the WiiMote sideways (mario kart). But looking at the design of the Newton with the Dpad and the buttons in the middle, your palm would constantly pressing the outer buttons.

While I welcome any new control scheme (that I know works well), I think the design is gonna prohibit full funtionality.

Sayai jin3778d ago

@kewlkat007- Thats why I said Companies should keep their mouth shut. There is nothing hypocritical about that. I am pointing all of them out.

wallace10003778d ago

Excellent post Dareaver1, you said it how it is.

cito35th3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

1) six axis was created way before the "wii-mote" if you look online there was A PS1 SIX AXIS CONTROLLER to play the first warhawk game... and sony copied nintendo?
2) xbox to have online play first ha!
ps2 network adapter came out on july 19th 2001 and xbox's online service was launched LATE 2002
-do your research before you make dumb remarks.
3) to be the ultimate gaming machine you need all highest ports out and thats what ps3 FIRST presented. then as usual microsoft copied!
these things are not neccessary but is needed to become the best.
4) ps2 DID NOT USE CD ROM it used dvd-9 DUMB A$S
5) psp was the first to have built in wi-fi because the psp came out first than ds!
6) rumble IS old gen but it was in high demand that does not show sony copying or having any innovation.
7) its funny how you TRY to cover up saying that 1080p is not next gen or how you cannot make "native" 1080p... just shows that you have no clue what you are talking about

when it is all said and done MS is the one that has no innovation, you fanboys can ramble all you want but facts are facts.... xbox360 is a collaboration of other ideas

Dareaver13778d ago

before you start calling someone dumb or an idiot or whatever childish comment you can come up with next, let's see....

I said MS came with the first motion sensing controller, not nintendo

i then said that MS and SEGA pioneered "online console gaming" Which part of that did you miss?

And i guess ps2 was sony's first console otherwise your point about PS2 and dvd9 is moot. I said SEGA had the first CD based console experience. Did i say DVD9, where did i say it. Now your just making stuff up so that you can spin things to make it sound like you are right about something, when you are not. You should of Quoted me, then you wouldn't look like and ignorant (as in not knowing) person.

And do my research, i think you should tell yourself that, because you are really showing your ignorance with console history. Nintendo DS was released in Japan on December 2, 2004; The Sony PSP was released on December 12th, 2004.

What were you saying, right now you just made yourself look ignorant.

Your argument for them coping out on the rumble thing was weak, They couldn't have rumble because of legal reasons. They were in court with Immersion. You really must be blindly loyal and ignorant. Especially if you believed that lie.

And if all those ports were necessary for the PS3, then why did they cut most of them?

And real 1080p native gaming is not feasible this gen. It's too much of a strain on BOTH of these machines. They both don't have enough ram for really complicated games, and not enough people have 1080p tvs. It makes no sense right not to try and push it.

Please do your homework before you try and call someone out, you really just made yourself look ignorant.

cito35th3778d ago

true guy my fault ( that was an apology)

i was wrong on some, but not the fact that microsoft is not innovative.

Dareaver13778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Well thanx for the apology, but MS and Sony haven't been original with most of what they do now. They have both innovated the gaming console market. To innovate means to improve on something available. So really all they have been doing is innovating, now if you are talking about being original, then both companies don't have a big list to choose from.

Oh and MS did have the first motion sensing controller, it was called the Sidewinder freestyle pro it was in 1998, here is a link....

and a pic, kinda looks familiar to something, doesn't it?

cito35th3778d ago

wait but that was for the pc right? not xbox console

Dareaver13778d ago

yeah it was for pc, i'm just responding to your MS doesn't innovate anything. That was an original, which is what every company shoots for. Like i said, an innovation is an improvement on an original. Sixaxis is an innovation of the Sidewinder Freestyle Pro.

But does it matter if it was for PC, it could easily have been turned into a console controller. The point i'm making is that they had the original Motion Sensing Controller.

XboxOZ3603778d ago

I think many are missing the point . .the controller, which is a highly likely prospect, is NOT for everyday gaming or to take the place of the excellent 360 hand controller/joypad (wonder why it got called a ‘joy’pad . .??hmmm) anyway. . . .

The Newton is aimed at games specifically targeted to family fun and casual gaming, not FPS, TP Adventure, RTS games or racing games etc. If MS (and Sony - hence their consideration of the same/similar type of controller as well) want to appeal to more broader audience, they need to open it up to those ppl who see joypads as freakish things that nerds use in their bedrooms.

Most families are familiar with the longer remote style controllers in their “lounge rooms” which is where both MS and Sony want to end up. NOT IN BEDROOMS people.

Gamers need to come to grips with the fact that gaming is no longer a bedroom activity as it once was. it’s a mainstream activity, and being that, it can no longer be targeted as a bedroom hobby game activity.

Just look at MS’s site, does it scream family, or nerdy ‘kids’ in bedrooms with lights off playing games at 2 am in the morning.

No, it shows families sitting in loungerooms, all enjoying something TOGETHER . . . So get over it, you’ve lost your viginity finally, and gaming has become mainstream, and with it comes change. Live with it.

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The Dark Knight3779d ago

lol microsoft first says they dont need anyhing like the wii or ps3...then look at this!?!?!


xbox has really lost it. They should stick to the normal control insted if making a fool of themselves

PirateThom3779d ago

Is it really that surprising?

Hard drives?
Rumours of Blu-ray?
Rumours of motion sensing?

It may just be me, but all Microsoft seem to be doing right now is playing catch up to Sony and Nintendo.

gaminoz3779d ago

Or you could say that they are being flexible enough to incorporate any successful stuff from others....

Sony has the silly (so far) motion control six axis...that wasn't terribly original either. I think everyone copies everyone...the analogue stick came from Nintendo's N64 remember. It just makes sense to appeal to as many as possible.

iNickk3779d ago

I think that microsoft are trying to appeal to a more casual market, that's why they are releasing this.

InMyOpinion3779d ago

And if MS releases one Sony will follow.

Shankle3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

"the analogue stick came from Nintendo's N64 remember"

Well really I thought it was just a miniature joystick.... Those things are pretty old you know. ;)

And Jenzo, be fair to sony. They have been fiddling with the idea of a motion sensing wand for many years before the wii was unveiled.

Sayai jin3779d ago

Yeah, I do not think their playing catch up. They are simply evolving. Thats what businesses do with their product. They find ways to make it better. Even if they are playing catch up at least it only took them a year or so. It seems how people have forgot how Sony and Nintendo said over and over that onine gaming was a gimmick and had no future. Now look at them. Are they playing catch up with MS. No they are realise how big online gaming is. Ifthey are playing catch up they are about 3-5 years behind.

gazza3779d ago


many,many years ago on my BBC model B I had a motion sensing stick a joystick handle with mercury switches sensing movement, and i also had an analogue joystick, both have been around for years, just updated by ms, sony and ninty

Shankle3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

There you go. There are very few new gameplay ideas these days, and if there's no innovation, just reinvent the wheel.

xhairs3778d ago

It's not about copying others, it's the reputation that comes along with it.

Microsoft stated many of times to down-play other corporations about their controllers, their systems, etc. etc. Trying to create a huge want/need for the 360. However the problem is that now we see the 360 trying to become more like a PS3/Wii, what happened to all the talk about not needing any of this stuff? That's where everyone is coming from.

GiantEnemyCrab3778d ago

You do know that Sony is rumored to be doing the exact same thing?

XboxOZ3603778d ago

The object of a company is to survive - right.

So with that in mind, any company, be it MS, Sony, Nintendo or Phillips etc etc needs to re-evaluate it's decisions as they move ahead. They make miscalculations as they do, and correct them.

Staying fixed on one way is the perfect recipe for disaster and bankruptcy in any business. The need to be flexible and change as the need arises is paramount. It's why Apple is doing SO well atm, rather than sticking to it's guns like it did under other management (other than Steve Jobs) as they thought they knew best. Steve Jobs knows the audience drives sales, not the manufacture.

In order for any company to move ahead, it needs to look at what IS working within the marketplace and emulate that. If you have a new product, do you make it completely alien to the current market, no, you make it very similar and inline with the current market, that is of course if you want to survive. Which basically ALL companies do.

When half of you actually end up working in a major business, or hopefully running your own, your thoughts then will be completely different to they are now, and you'll look back and wonder why in gods green earth you made the often silly statements you did "back then".

Hey, if we didn't copy the wheel, we'd have no railroad,no bikes, motor bikes or cogs to turn the industry, they are all copies of a basic principle, but copies nevertheless.

Get over it, industries copy each other, and it's actually a level of self acclaim when someone copies your thoughts or ways of thinking, it's the highest level or praise. It say,s "hey, what a great idea . . we'll do something similar and hopefully improve on it . "

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Zhuk3779d ago

Wii gimmick is over when this is released, any sensible consumer will want an Xbox 360, the ultimate home entertainment device

Denges3779d ago

oh look his back.. how cute

MaximusPrime3778d ago

"ultimate home entertainment device"

If you ask people outside this question, what is the ULTIMATE home entertainment console? 90% will say PS3

Do some research, moron.

Azures3779d ago

I think we traveled back a few months. Is MGS4 still out?