Metal Gear Solid 4 Walkthrough/Entire Game

A walk through of MGS4, done by gtenkspowrturk3.

Difficulty is 'Solid Normal'.


account has been suspended =0

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tehReaper3776d ago

Wow..46 video parts. I believe it though.

MaximusPrime3776d ago

i hate guides/walkthrough. Totally ruins the enjoyment of the game.

avacadosnorkel3776d ago

but to avoid spoilers I won't mention what.

znu3775d ago

completly agree

umm... gonna try and say this without spoilers but just in case SPOILERS

you know the battle where you had to stop the nanomachines, and use the item you got, to finish it,

(above sounds retarded to me too)

anyways that was hard, i had no idea but eventually looked through everything i had using viewer and did it.

avacadosnorkel3775d ago

I have almost everything in the if I have to look through everything with the viewer I'm screwed.

bourner3775d ago

im stuck at vamp not sure how to kill him

X3775d ago

When in doubt, try otacon.

znu3775d ago


took me about 10 minutes, wasted all my ammo for p90(over 800) and M4(about 150)and killed him about 15 times until a started searching and then came up with the idea when looking in the viewer

avacadosnorkel3775d ago

stake him in the heart...or neck.

ry-dogga3775d ago

anyone got any ideas regarding screaming mantis?
act 5 is doing my head in.
word of advice. play it through once, or even a few times, dont just head straight in on Big Boss mode...