Wii Live - Guitar Hero: On Tour Hands-On Impressions

From DarkWish of Wii Live...

"Guitar Hero: On Tour is different than any other Guitar Hero game because well… you're not playing with a guitar. However, the use of the pick stylus and the touchscreen allow for a great experience that still feels like Guitar Hero. This game is probably the best way to play Guitar Hero on the DS, I can't think of any other possible control method that would work better. It's not perfect, but it gets the job done. The full game features 25 songs, 20 of which haven't been in any previous Guitar Hero games. If you're a fan of Guitar Hero, I'd recommend getting this game. It's more expensive than the typical DS game because of the Guitar Grip, but I think it'll be worth it. I'm definitely looking forward to rocking it out on the go when I get the game."

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