GameDaily: Some reviewers give Kojima a free pass

Chris Buffa, Senior Editor at GameDaily, has responded to criticism over his review of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, which he scored an 8/10.

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Brian52473779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

thinks he's a hero because he gave MGS4 an 8, LOL. Typical attention-whore game journalist using a dated review system.

Xiru3779d ago

Exactly. And he points to minor flaws like glass breaking animations as the reason for an 8/10. He just wants the press. I mean look at what he's accomplished so far. How often does a reviewer get interviewed?

Silogon3779d ago

Please, they give Halo 3 a 10 and Mgs4 an 8? I can see many things "graphically" wrong with that pile of ****! What about the animations? What about the piss poor water effects? What about the clipping? What about the tree bark?

These guys are morons and I hope this guy slips while he's shaving his ass in the shower.

PoSTedUP3779d ago


ISA_Scum3779d ago

They also give Bungie a free pass with horrible campaigns and stories and all...but why mention that? I mean, that's an XBOX exclusive! The media can't touch that one!

pimpstation3779d ago

I've yet to see one low review that actually justifies its score. He gave it an 8/10 because the glass-bottle-breaking animations weren't good enough, there was a gun turret at some point in the game where he didn't need to use it, and the cut scenes were sometimes a bit too long. His complaints about the shooting were either flat out wrong or completely vague. But what can you expect from the fools who called the 360 the greatest console of all time?

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sonarus3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

hahaha. Gamedaily? If it was edge complaining i could understand...but game daily. The site that named X360 greatest console of all time. Not of this gen...ALL FVKIN TIME.

No matter how many faults you point out, you cannot deny the title its greatness. If you don't admire the greatness then score it and shut up.

Basically, all the 10's are unjustified and gamespot, ign and all the others dishing 10's were just kojima worshipers. As a reviewer, stand by your review no need to point out other reviews and claim theirs as wrong to justify yours. Reviews are a matter of opinion and i'm sorry gamedaily but you have proved time and time again that your opinions aren't worth $hit

TheHater3779d ago

nothing more need to be said. sonarus speak the truth.

BulletToothtony3779d ago

it doesn't matter... i'm on my second round of mgs4.... doesn't matter what one persons opinion may be, mgs4 is the best game i've ever played... if he wants to complain about a bottle may not look 100% real then let him burn in his jealousy...

But honestly if he was gonna take away points for a bottle not looking 100% real then that just goes to show that he is desperately looking for stupid reasons to knock the game down..

Breakfast3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

I can feel the pitch-forks, being made...the torches being lit...Gamedaily, has now officially become...MS lovers -and- Sony haters.

and now...GameDaily

Theres your updated list...put some more in for me, im sure i forgot some. And ill update it when more, less then favorable, reviews for any Exclusive PS3 game comes in.

Genki3779d ago

Although I believe that he himself is disingenuous and full of crap, illustrated like you said by him not standing on his own two and pointing the ginger at others, there is some truth to his words.

The fact of the matter is, if you sincerely believe that there are no such thing as inflated reviews, you're living in a fantasy.

You won't see mixed reviews of Mario games, Metal Gear games, Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto, Gran Turismo, God of War, Zelda, and many, many other high-profile games.

It's most evident because when these games are dropped, there are times when you hear from the actual fans who have no monetary or business stake in the industry voice their concerns. Kojima was almost crucified for MGS2, 7.5 million copies and >90% average later, mainly for a convoluted ending and a different main character(RELAX, it's my 2nd Fav. Metal Gear game, I didn't have a problem with either of those two.)

GTA 4 was hammered for framerate issues and graphics that were mysteriously not mentioned in reviews

This is nothing new folks. Although these games may very well be great in their own right, the fact of the matter is that, for on reason or another, many media outlets, NOT ALL OF THEM, are inflating scores just because of the name of the game, who's behind it, or whatever may be the case.

Look at yourself if you want proof. Ever play a game that got a 10 that you didn't think was all that?

MikeGdaGod3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

i just completed my first run through MGS4 on Solid Normal, clocking in a total play time of 20:42:59, 11 continues, 92 alert phases (yeah i know), 515 kills, and got the title of "EAGLE"

this is simply the best game i have ever played. PERIOD

everybody has the right to voice their opinion. and i have the right to sh!t on that opinion. people can point out "horrible looing bottles" and long cut scenes all they want, the truth of the matter is this is the most fun i've ever had in a game. the final few boss battles were mind blowing. yes the cut scenes were long but Kojima had a story to tell and if you don't want to hear it, skip it.

say what you want but this is officially the GREATEST game ever...imo.

you don't agree......tough sh!t

Breakfast3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago ) totally stealing that line.

sonarus3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

I don't even think they are MS worshippers. I just think they wouldn't know a great game if it slapped them in the face. I just think they are retarded and their opinions in the game industry are simply terrible. All they are capable of doing is writing useless top 10 lists

@Genki, if it was another site i swear, i would take their opinion more seriously. But gamedaily is a useless site. No fan of metal gear has voiced any wrong over the game besides length cut scenes and i'm sorry i don't see how you can take a game down to an 8 based on lengthy cut scenes alone. Game daily is just useless...bottome line

meepmoopmeep3779d ago

a bottle not looking 100% real,

i thought Gamespot held the title for most retarded nit-picking with their "too much variety" in R&C

this person just received the "Retardos Nit-picking" award.

what free pass? he doesn't mention other titles that get 10's across the board.

thewhoopimen3779d ago

I agree.... claiming he omitted criticisms about bottles and the glass broke truly is clutching at empty straws.

MikeGdaGod3779d ago

@ prob, i've snagged a couple of yours already.

i feel so good after playing that game, stories like this can't bring me down. i wish i could say more but i don't want to spoil anything for people.

what i will say is i'm amazed at the variety of gameplay. they packed so much into the game and i can't stop thinking about all the different "special moments".

but now its time for me to finally get some sleep. my eyes are burning!!!

The Dark Knight3779d ago

its worth 50/50

I am not over reacting when i say mgs4 is one of the best games ever made, if you think its crap you have either not played it. Or you have something wrong with your head.

this reviewer is a plain bad reviewer. From now on i will NEVER! look at a gamedaily review again..i never did anyway.

Believe it this game is truley beyond. and only the PlayStation 3 can power games like this.

The sooner you accept that the ps3 is just such a beautiful and powerful console..the sooner you will not be dissapointed when sony once again takes over the gaming industry

Seraphim3779d ago

My complaint is this... if he's so against assigning numerical scores then why not shut the hell up and write a review, score it, "read the review." Play has recently taken that stance and others need to as well. The numerical, alphabetical scoring system we all know is utterly flawed. Having just a review to read, as that's what gaming journalism is, would be the best way to go about reviewing games.

Also, by his own admission Metal Gear Solid in general isn't his cup of tea. Just like how it's not mine; although I do hope I enjoy 4. Just like many other games [cough, DMC, NG] MGS isn't a game for everyone. And from his own comments I get the feeling he just doesn't like the series and it's gameplay. But as a review he needs to look beyond his own likings and review the game for what it's worth. Everyone knows how MGS plays, it's MGS, just like DMC. You can't change the core fundamentals of the game just to please more people. So what if the 3rd/1st person shooting isn't as good as other games. This isn't every other game... Anyway, I just get the feeling this game isn't for him. Therefore he shouldn't be reviewing in the first place. What would happen if we gave RPG gamers FPS's to review? FPS gamers RPGs to review, Puzzle Gamers Sports games to review. You catch the drift...

kwicksandz3779d ago

An 8 is not a low score!

8 is very respectable. Its only on sites that use the 7-10 scale that an 8 is questionable.

Again this time in caps 8 IS NOT A LOW SCORE.

season0073779d ago

maybe they are used to getting paid for review's rating

sigh at online gaming journalism

sunnygrg3779d ago

You are right on. Reviews are nothing but opinions of individuals. However, gamedaily have been known to criticize the Playstation3 time and again. Remember that they even said that they would skip the PS3 version of Soulcaliber4 (Darth Vader FTW!), just because most of their friends were on Xbox live. So, stick your biased opinions up your sorry a$$, gamedaily.

kingOVsticks3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

this is the same site that gave halo 3 a 10.... and gears a 9... He has alot of nerve to point out some GOT DAMN GLASS BOTTLES over those beautify cutscenes that were all in-game graphics and had flawless transition from cut scene to game play.Why not nitpic at halo more than flat textures or nit pick at gears frame rate drops online. He also fails to mention MGO which I have(having) a blast in. He is also disrespectful to try and lower the other authors credibility by calling them fanboys in a pitiful way of justifying his ignorant opinion on the game.

@scottie2521 I aslo got the title of eagle but had a around 30 continues MINOR SPOILER!!!! Those exploding gekko were a b!tch bcuz I was trying to see raiden and vamp last battle while at the same time trying to see wheres the brain on those damn things 0.o? Otacon:PUT A BULLET THROUGH THEIR BRAIN SNAKE!

BattleAxe3779d ago

Its funny how the editor said that alot of reviewers gave Kojima a free pass, when the same thing could be said for Game Daily's free pass they gave to Rockstar, and then they are stupid enough to come out with an article 2 weeks later and say how bored and how tired they are of playing GTA4.

Game Daily are a bunch of losers.

Dark General3779d ago

I can see when he says that it didn't feel like a "9 game" to him because it's quite frankly a matter of opinion with reviews. But when he calls into question people giving a free pass to MGS after you know his own site gave a 10 to gta4 then a few days later produced a article of why they are bored of GTA4 already and he talks about giving games passes. I think the thing is here is that he's saying the hype or what's produced from MGS4 is so large hype wise and gameplay wise. Then when he says he was gonna complain about how glasses look in a STEALTH game well yeah it is nitpicking.

Without saying any spoilers i'm in the beginning of act 3 and i feel as a fan of the Metal Gear Solid franchise that with MGS4 it seems like the game took a more action/adventure stance a bit more than being a stealth game. I don't know but when i play it even though the controls, characters etc feel like a metal gear game. That certain Metal Gear charm doesn't really surface till the cutscenes or when call someone on the codec. It's still a really good game but so far for me it's missing a certain something that i can't place my finger on.

Violater3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

well 3 hours of sleep, back to playing the game!!!!

Yipee Bog3779d ago

He should be de-balled so he can't contaminate the rest of the world.

juuken3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

*salutes sonarus*
Well said.
This guy is just grasping at straws. The things he said in that comment were absolutely ridiculous. MGS4 deserves NOTHING less than a 10. This has got to be the best game in my small PS3 collection so far. I was blown away by everything in this game. Kojima outdid himself and I hope to play even more of this masterpiece during the summer.

Free pass my ass. He should be punched for saying that. He's only making matters worse.

Lol @ Violator. Don't fall asleep near the screen while playing. x3
Here's a bubble.

ThanatosDMC3779d ago

I've killed the third boss... and im still spellbound by how great everything is about the game!!!

gameraxis3779d ago

i can possibly complain about, is having to pick up a dead body to get the items from them, what happened to feeling them up on the ground. (and maybe the fire sucks)

But what do I think this game gets as a score you ask???

55/10! never had such an epic/fun/action/stealth/beauti ful game touch any console I've ever owned!!! They definitely set the bar!

Sunny_D3779d ago

once again in his reply, he is comparing it to fps and tps's. how dumb is he. does gamedaily have anybody else who can review MGS and understand its core. it is a STEALTH/ACTION game. Now Buffa spell it.... now tell us that you work on a biased site.

mistertwoturbo3779d ago

If those other sources are X360 loving anti-PS3 folks, then them giving an 8/10 is a pretty high score lol. If it was up to them, they'd give it a 1/10 for "-9 for Not coming to the 360"

LeSouteneur3779d ago

that was a massive own! Well put, couldn't have said it better. Saying that all the other reviewers were Kojima fanboys just because they gave it tens in order to justify his review score? Bwahahahha! How low can you get? Watch as Splinter Cell gets a 9/10+ even with its horrid, horrid shooting. The guy is a fanboy, plain and simple according to his top console list.

Metal Gear Solid3779d ago

Sonarus you are a text-book example of what Chris was talking about. You would tweak Kojima's nipples just because he is Hideo Kojima.

LenHart has an excuse, he has down-syndrome. What is your excuse for being unable to grasp the concept of free will?

Bonsai12143779d ago

sonarus, i think thats the highest agree/disagree ratio i've ever seen.. haha.

but yeah, nippicking on the glass is lame

Bleucrunch3779d ago

Sonarus I give the comment a 10 out of a 10. I commend you sir! There is really nothing else to be said after such a perfect comment. Game Daily sucks and this is just it. They are baised bastards!

The END3778d ago

@the dark knight...

"MGS4 is not worth a 10/10
its worth 50/50"...

you are a smart one... a 10 out of 10 is the SAME as a 50 out of 50... just a larger point scale... it is all proportional!!

I am willing to bet you would approve a 9 out of 10 rating but get all fired up over a 90 out of a 100 rating...

"The sooner you accept that the ps3 is just such a beautiful and powerful console..the sooner you will not be dissapointed when sony once again takes over the gaming industry"---

such are beautiful and powerful console- what a douche....

Just my opinion

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BulletToothtony3779d ago

I wouldn't care if Hilary Clinton had made this game... the game is awesome....

i think the question that should be made is:

Free low scoring because is a ps3 game?

That's what comes down to..

Jamie Foxx3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

youve just been exposed as a cheap site of fanboys who tried to make a name for yourselfs thinking loads of other sites would do the same because as its a ps3 game thats the norm ting to do,but sorry most of those bias other sites had to appreciate a masterpiece including gamespot and 1up

ROCKSTAR AND 360 GAMES get free passes=gta4 and halo 3 spring to mind

Sayai jin3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Yeah I think they should have put it in the terms of some games gettign free passes and not saying trying to give Kojima a free pass. It's a really good game, simple. Now I do think some reviewers are afraid of giving a bad review to a HUGE game while others look for a chance to stir some chaos up. I think some reviewers were afraid of giving Halo 3, GTA4, etc lower scores because of backlsh.

SmokingMonkey3779d ago

people do seem to jump on ps3 games pretty quickly
it's ok it just makes them better in the long run something sony excells at, the long run!
i said it before and i'll say it again, did konami send out huge MGS4 swag filled duffle bags to these sites?
I would literally murder people for a duffle bag of MGS4 swag :)

PLiPhaze3779d ago

Most People can agree with certain Genkie points about the state of journalism but the same comments weren't being made for other games, while this game ACTUALLY DESERVES it's praise

Ju3779d ago

I would even understand what he's trying to say if he would put all the other "10s" into consideration, but coming up with "because of Kojima" is a farce. What about "because its R*" or because its "Halo fame". I can even agree, that games shouldn't get 10s at all, but its the press' own fault. They started to dish out 10 all along in the past. And I said it before, in that context MGS is not the game to correct that. Not with an 8.

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Genki3779d ago

but that's with every high profile title with a massive following these days. You can literally predict which games will garner good scores before they're even out. Halo 3, and GTA4 along with this game were my picks for this year, and quite frankly, it's sad that one person can predict such a thing.

This isn't to say that the games are bad,(I ordered the limited edition from Gamestop,as well as owning the essential collection) however som reviewers are either too pressured or bribed(in some way, shape, or form, doesn't necessarily have to be with money) to give certain games less than favorable scores.

To me, it just goes to show how crappy gaming journalism has become, but it's a direct reflection of how broken the gaming community is IMO. Media outlets shouldn't have such close ties to gaming companies. What do you see when you go to IGN or Gamespot? A whole SLEW of game advertisements from particular companies. These ads keep these websites afloat, and good scores keep exclusive previews, content, and media flowing into these sites which in turn gathers up more hits.

Put two and two together folks. I'm not denying that MGS4 is a great game, I'm dying to play it, however, I think one would be FOOLISH not to think that some or many of the glowing reviews haven't been inflated. It's like assuming that there's no such thing s cheating in professional sports, no rigged elections, and no collusion in the corporate world.

Like I said, this isn't just a Kojima/MGS thing, it's the entire industry. Gran Turismo 5 will NEVER get lower than an 8, Halo 4(if it's made by Bungie and comes out), WON'T get below an 8, FF13, WILL NOT score below an 8. That's just the reality, and until journalism gets an overhaul, it's only gonna get worse. We've seen the discrepancies between critical reception and gamer reception when it came to Halo 3 and GTA4. It's only gonna get worse, I guarantee it, and the sheeple who get pissed about their favorite little games getting unfavorable scores from people who they don't even know or care about are only helping to make things worse.

BulletToothtony3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Second... i would feel the same way you do if i hadn't played the game, but i beat it and i'll tell you, it's the best damn game i've ever played...

If this game got 10's it's because it deserved it not because other reasons... but it's hard to know now a days since some titles get 10's when they don't deserve them.. so i know what you mean..

my suggestion go play the game and then judge for yourself if his review seems right to you..

Genki3779d ago

I won't be comparing my experience to his review, as his opinion doesn't concern me and won't affect my experience.

Only reason I'm posting is because I agree with him, although I believe him to be a hypocrite, about some game designers and game titles getting higher scores simply because of their reputation, and not because they stand on their own merits. I fully expect to enjoy he game myself, as the series has only gotten better IMO since the first one, but my point is more a broad one about the video game community as a whole than just this game.

I sincerely do believe that journalism needs an overhaul of some sort though, as you said it yourself, many games got 10's and didn't deserve them. Now, that's NOT to say that I THINK they didn't deserve them, I think that if an individual gives a disingenuous score, whether lower or higher, then it's undeserved. Reviewers need to start being true to themselves, and not to companies, brand names, and producers.

Among the biggest things holding them back however, besides a lack of integrity, is the super-close ties they have to gaming comanies.

I'm sorry, but I think it's completed utter bullsh*t that journalists get a weekend vacation getaway up in the mountains with Konami to wine, dine, and play their game for days on end. That's just disgusting. Who WOULD give a low review after being buttered up in such a manner? Halo 3 had a similar thing, with their boisterous goody bags and all. Things like that are holding the whole community back.

sonarus3779d ago

@Genki, have you played the game? Do you feel it deserves an 8?

Genki3779d ago

That's the problem with the vast majority of the folks here. You all seem to believe that the only opinions that matter are your own, and those that AGREE WITH YOURS. Look at any review posting and there's bound to be people, on one side of the fence or the other, claiming that the reviewer is either cool because they agree, or insane/biased because they disagree. WTF kind of hypocritical, flip-flopping mentality is that? Now, I do believe that journalism for this industry is in the toilet at the moment, but literally EVERY review that's posted is met with extremely conflicted controversy. NO REVIEW these days, in the eyes of the zealots on these boards, is just an opinion. They're either an insanely biased paid-off crack pot, or they're smart, intelligent gaming connoisseurs. The thing is, the ONLY factor that decides this is whether the reviewer has appeased to the crowd or not...all the so-called proof I see presented is nothing but a bunch of cherry-picked straw-man arguments 99% of the time.

My point is, it doesn't matter whether or not I think the game is an 8. That's part of the problem with a numerical rating system. It's arbitrary and VAGUE. My 8 won't be the same as your 8. Ask 50 people what an 8 means to them and you get 50 answers, guarantee it. It simply isn't my place to declare a game an 8, therefore it isn't my place to say that this whack job is wrong. I do think he's a crappy journalist, along with 95% of the industry, but that's another issue entirely. On another note, I'm sticking by my guns in that every high profile game gets inflated scores to stroke the egos and insecurities of gamers all around, leech exclusive content from companies, and keep the media outlets in good standing. In other words, gaming journalism has turned into politics, pain and simple. It's just too bad that folks here don't realize it. The best pieces that come from media outlets these days are video, because even screens are sometimes heavily doctored, and previews are all too glowing, just to find an abysmal review that contradicts EVERYTHING the preview from weeks ago had stated.

Again Sonarus, my point isn't strictly MGS4 related, don't get it twisted. I've got the Limited Edition on the way and just completed the whole essential collection by last week. This is a gaming industry/community related post entirely, it's just sad that it took a hypocritical slave of the system to point it out, therefore nobody takes him seriously. Given his stance, I can't say I blame them, however, hypocrite or not, there is truth to his words.

season0073779d ago

Your words are long your examples are long, but well they aren't right

multiplat free pass? yea possible

xbox360 free pass? yea possible

but no for the past 1.5 years i have only seen HARSH...yes HARSH reviews on any game on PS3, especially its exclusive, PS3 games will NOT get free pass until its overall sales AT LEAST surpass xbox 360

sonarus3779d ago

lol, i am not saying you are wrong but how do you know MGS4 doesn't deserve a 10/10 if you haven't played it thats all. I do agree with you 100% that big games get inflated scores. But honestly MGS4 is a great game and when i look at the other games that got 9's in comparison. Despite how everyone complained about the wonky camera, they gave NG2 a 9 and no one wrote an article about how they are just suckin itagaki's d1ck by doing that.

You are right in saying most reviews are inflated but the bottom line is gamedaily is one of the worst game sites. Their opinions are simply not worthy of us gamers. They need to re evaluate their stance in the gaming community and recognize they are foolish then they can move forward. All they are good at is useless top 10 lists anyway

seraph7413779d ago

there needs to be more people like Genki on this site. intelligent conversation about the article without resorting to fanboyism and bashing. every big game gets inflated reviews. this is one of the biggest PS3 games to be released, it's created by the famous Kojima, and its a MGS game with a history of greatness, plus its been hyped FOREVER. i think PART of the reason that people and reviewers think so highly of the game is that they go into it expecting greatness due to the aura surrounding the game.

think about it, before even playing the game, you knew it was going to get really good ratings including tons of perfect scores. There was almost no chance the game would have an average score lower than a 9. Same goes for GTA4, same goes for Halo 3, etc, etc.

personally, i think no matter how this game turned out, as long as it wasn't utter garbage, it would still get high marks.

and as a side note, the list of "biased sites" against the PS3 is getting a bit ridiculous. like someone said before, an 8 is a good score. although, if the reviewer did take off for bottles not looking real, that is really ridiculous.

titntin3779d ago

Normally, you expect a spread of scores from different reviewers and thats perfectly normal.

But very rarely, something comes along that is so brilliantly realized and pulled off, that it deserves to be called perfect.
I've never felt a 10 was justifiable before, but have not been surprised to see them given.
Having now spent two days with this title however, this, more than anything I have ever played, deserves that accolade.

A score of 8 out of 10 is almost insulting to see when you have actually played the title. It implies that this game is not a truly brilliantly crafted experience, when it so truly and obviously is.
I can only assume when people defend such a view that they simply haven't played the game.

I have loved and been dedicated to games since they're invention, its a passion and it my business. A game like this one reminds me that at its very best, games can move you like nothing else can. Whilst I can accept people pointing out flaws with anything, true masterpieces like this ought to be recognized.
The only analogy I can give is that of a Ferrari - obviously a masterful car and one of the best cars you will ever drive. It may be too flash for you or you may need a shopping trolley, but that doesn't stop it being the pinnacle of car making excellence. Denying the brilliance of this software title is like saying a Ferrari is only 'OK' because you don't like red.

Genki3779d ago

Wow, are you ever some kind of agreeing that EVERY high profile game gets a free pass doesn't mean I'm passing judgment on the game itself, you tool. Learn to READ.

Yes, I have not played the game yet, however, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to sit back and observe the history of journalism and fan reactions to realize that game scores get inflated. You don't have to play a game to realize that there are certain incentives that a media outlet will garner, tangible and intangible, from posting a certain score. It works the same way with movies and music, but it's a little more dangerous with this industry because it's that much more isolated.

Nowhere, and I mean NOWHERE did I ever say that I agree with his reception of the game itself.

I say this to goofs like yourself time and time again...a little comprehension goes a long way. Try thinking about something before you shoot off at the mouth next time.

twoface3779d ago

Ok Genki, we get your self-righteous points. Gaming journalism is rife with all kinds of sh*t. And we get to eat it, yummy!

Anyway, yeah Kojima may have gotten himself a free pass from some sites. But is this article about Kojima getting a free pass, or is it about some poor excuse for giving a different score from popular opinion?
You can say to each his own, but please run along and play the game first. Then, judge if Kojima is getting a free pass this time.

Merritt3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

at 3.5: The reason why the PS3 is getting harsh reviews is because of what was said about the console. I mean Sony touted it as the second coming. It obviously hasn't been that. You can blame the Sony execs for that. Overhyped and Overpromised. Of course reviewers are going to look at that.

In regards to the 8 for MGS:4. I'm a 360 fan I've said it many times. I'd be hard pressed to believe that it deserves a 10, GTA:4 didn't deserve, Halo 3, and Obvlivion certainly didn't deserve any.

I'm sure it's a wonderful game, I'm sure it's the best for the PS3. I just can't see when people write about cons in a game, then turn around and give it a ten. Where's the integrity? 10 is perfect, that means no cons. If the install times bug you or the long cut scenes, or if hasn't advanced the genre. How can it be a perfect 10 if something bothered you?

IMHO 10's are being handed out quite liberally this generation. The kickbacks and swag are getting to reviewers heads and making them all cloudy. Personally the only thing close to getting what it deserved this gen (What I played), score wise is Bioshock. PS3 fans will see that game this fall. I'm glad, it's an amazing game.

I'm sure MGS:4 is a great game, I can't comment if it isn't or is because I haven't played it. But like I said if there are cons in reviews how can it receive perfect 10's? Just like GTA:4...and all the rest that got the golden ticket.

kindi_boy3779d ago

who said "I do agree about Kojima getting a free pass"
am sure it wasn't me.

you already agree that the guy got a free pass on the game MGS4 without even playing it.

and i do agree with you about gaming journalism. i still think you are a hypocrite tho.

kindi_boy3779d ago

I would recommend for anyone to read
this review and see what a full score truly means.


i really think up to this second that this is the best review out there for this game.
not because of the 100 but because the editor in chief is writing this review and
this site has never given anything ever before 100, also because it's stating why
a 100 with little bit of cons here and there.

The Wood3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

i hear and respect your opinion and delivery but,

like others have mentioned, play the game. I did not hear this free pass talk when halo 3 scores came out, not 1 bit but it got undeserved 10s from many sites. The media is corrupt sometimes correct but lets all just see through that filthy smoke and review this game for what it is. Mass effect although it being a good game had many glitches that were never overemphasised like some ps3 exclusives. This isnt about 360 vs ps3 its just corruption(bias) has always been here, simple.

Gamedaily saying this is a kick in the teeth to all that actually believed the 10's they gave were justified. All you need to do is look at some of their scores to see what Im on about. If its only their opinion which they are entitled to then they should keep their mouths shut in regards to others reviews. Tossers. The crux of the article makes sense but its motives are more corrupt that that of which its trying to highlight.

ThanatosDMC3779d ago

Genki, you'd be wowed too... the cinematics are long but engrossing... i liked every second of them.

Liquid vs marines was one of the best scenes i've seen so far! I bet people agree with me. I just killed the third boss.

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SacT0wnF1n3st3779d ago

If his "theory" is true then isn't it true to all the great games out there like Halo, Brawl, Mario, GTA... Did these games get high scores because they are the Halo the Mario of the world? I don't think so.

"...because he is Kojima" Really? Does he know that Kojima is responsible for arguably the best franchise in gaming in MGS?

meepmoopmeep3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

and Kojima is the one who CREATED/INVENTED the stealth action genre, and the one to bring true hollywood/novel story telling to video games.

Vecta3779d ago

While I agree MGS4 is a superb game, Kojima did not invent the stealth genre, that title is reserved for the great Thief(namely the first and second ones) series.

meepmoopmeep3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )


you do know Metal Gear came out before Theif don't you?
11 years before it, actually.

Metal Gear (1987)

Thief: The Dark Project (1998)
Thief II: The Metal Age (2000)
Thief: Deadly Shadows (2004)

Vecta3779d ago

yes because those games were in full 3d...

meepmoopmeep3779d ago

just because they are in full 3d doesn't mean they started the stealth genre.

Metal Gear STARTED the stealth genre. it's the FIRST game to use stealth.

3D has NOTHING to do with INVENTING a genre.

Ogrekiller3779d ago
wolfenstein used stealth, and 005 was the first stealth game