5 Reasons GTA IV Is The Worst Great Game Ever Made

Like almost every other being on this planet with functional eyes and opposable thumbs, I've spent the last month playing Grand Theft Auto IV and neglecting my loved ones. I've only just now gotten beyond the novelty factor of Liberty City enough to honestly consider the game itself, and I have reluctantly come to this conclusion:
It is shit.

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jkhan3778d ago

GTA4 is a great game. Its not a perfect nor is it a 10/10 game, but still its a 9-9.5 game. The game is fun & its not for people who try to finish the game in one go. Yes almost all the mission structure is same, but I guess thats the norm of today's videogames. Yes the cover system is far from perfect but its there and it works 90% of the time. The only thing I agree with him is the stupid checkpoint system. I am around 50% done with this game & I enjoyed 90% of it & got frustrated only 10% of the time.

crimsonfox3778d ago

but... it's not bad

worst game ever??? i think not

Meresin3778d ago

He calls it the worst *GREAT GAME* ever, not the worst game ever. :P

Bubble Buddy3778d ago

Poor you Meresin, u deserve a bubble :)

resistance1003778d ago

Its no where near Worst game ever.

Its a good game, just not the game reviewers said it was, i would give it a solid 8/10

Meresin3778d ago

The title clearly states that it is the worst great game ever made, not the worst game ever made.

meepmoopmeep3778d ago

nowhere near worst game. but nowhere near a 10 either, imo.

i'm not even going to read this article cause i've played it and it's a great game.

Meresin3778d ago

You should at least read the title. He clearly states that it's the worst *GREAT* game, not the worst game. :)

IHATEGOD3778d ago

We get it the title says worst great game. However just look at the title and you will realize that the writer has horrible writing skills. How can something be the worst great game, its an oxymoron they cancel each other out. Its funny how one week after GTA4 comes out its hailed as the greatest, one month later its hated on. Reviewers have one mind, one opinion, and unfortunately alot of people who can read their opinion.

morganfell3778d ago

That is because people allowed the hype machine to die down and they came to their senses. The game isn't all that it was cracked up to be. Some of us understood this from the beginning.

And by the way, if you hate god you are still acknowledging that he is god. That means according to your own beliefs he will eventually visit his wrath on you. But if you hate the idea of a god then that is not necessarily agreeing with the concept of the existence of a deity. To sum it up, if you hate god then by your own definition you are already on the losing team.

Silogon3778d ago

I can tell you right now what's going on with why Gta4 is so bare bones right now. You can't buy real estate, you have no side missions in your emergency vehicles, no rampage mode, no gangs nothing. This is because the down loadable content the xbox 360 is getting is in direct line to fix these problems.

Anyone who bought the ps3 version is assed out in this area. Disagree now but I bet you I am right.

PoSTedUP3778d ago

im not going to disagree, you could be right, but you could be wrong, it sounds logical but at the same time it sounds far fetched.
its not going to matter to me, by the time it comes out, look at all the great games we will be playing.

Pain3778d ago

XBOX 360. talk about HUGE holdback. game would have been Great if it wasnt for that technological holdback.

Britjadg3777d ago

sheer speculation unless you got this from some source nobody has seen yet?

for all you know MS have paid 50million dollars for a giant billboard in the centre of liberty city that says "i love bill gates."