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Ripten Review: Ninja Gaiden 2

Ripten writes: "Ninja Gaiden 2 is the game many 360 action fans have been waiting for. Promising in-depth combat as well as ground breaking graphical quality it has been very difficult not to get excited about this particular release. With the announcement that this will be the series final farewell does the gaming worlds second most famous Ryu live up to the expectations?

Well, no. But, then again what games ever live up the kind of hype this game has had? MGS4, maybe? But while NG2 is far from perfect it still has a great deal to offer.

I'm going to completely bypass talking about the story, firstly because I don't want to ruin it for you, secondly because it's bloody difficult to follow anyway (without reading every text you come across while playing) and thirdly because the story is clearly an afterthought with this series. What I will say though, is that new character Sonia has breasts so large that you could write a story based on their daily trials, (the difficulty in finding a large enough bra, for example) and it would be more interesting than the story that is played out here."

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sonarus3805d ago

Not too sure NG2 had that much hype to live up to

SuperSaiyan43805d ago

Was not hyped, the problem was that after DOA 4 was completed Itagaki failing to get the bonus he was apparently promised may had some effect on the game imo.
I have found some frame rate issues when just running around with nothing on the screen at times, its amazing that NG 1 was flawless and perfect, then Sigma which was an Xbox port (Yes it was a port it was NOT built from the ground up - look at the cutscenes for example) was able to run flawlessly but then being a port fair enough.

I think if Itagaki had not had issues with work maybe just maybe this game could have been a lot better.

It does however need a patch for the frame rate issues that seem to appear now and again.

Also graphically I have to give it to Devil May Cry 4 that looked amazing but still NG2 is still much more fun to play and never gets boring.

ghostface3805d ago

over all i enjoyed the game, but and this one area later and the game the frame rate drop so bad i had to restart the game.Like i said though i really enjoyed the game. Got to the last boss haven't bet him yet.

seraph7413805d ago

at the part where you face like tons of enemies at once? ya, the frame rate nearly comes to a stand still, that part was really annoying. i can't believe they didn't fix that in the final build of the game. one of those things that makes you wonder, "what were they thinking?"

seraph7413805d ago

but the creator has way to high of an opinion about himself, and it's not the best game i've played recently. they fixed a lot of the annoying things that were in NG1, but overall, it was still just hack and slash, it's fun one time through, but nothing too memorable. a pretty fair score in my opinion.

SaiyanFury3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

I don't know. I am not that far in the game but except for the Dragon-clan castle I have yet to experience frame rate issues. It's been generally consistent and I've yet to have a problem. Is it worse later in the game? To the point that I've played I've loved NG2 every steo of the way.

OOG3804d ago

its happen befor you fight Elizabeta

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