Nintendo of America Unleashes Wii U Game Sizzle Reel

Perhaps drawing some inspiration from the rather flashy Nintendo of Europe Wii U "Time is Now" trailer, Nintendo of America has today unleashed a sizzle reel of its own. Its message and approach is very similar, though in this case the title is "Games of Past, Present and Future", highlighting terrific titles available right now and those that should be on our wishlist.

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R00bot3078d ago

This video is really good. It gets me hyped up just watching it. Now they just need to split it up and play it on TV.

lilbroRx3078d ago

I agree. They need to start advertising the Wii U with video's like these.

Don't know who hit you with the disagree for this. The Nintendo hate on this site is something else.

TongkatAli3078d ago

Yeah, those three disagrees. Its crazy the amount of hate you got for your post X )

3-4-53078d ago

Those games look fun. And that matters most.

DC7773078d ago

Not bad. I don't think they always pick the best scenes for their videos though, and some of the clips look dark or lower quality. I always find that a shame because at home these games look like candy.

If they could only make a short TV commercial like this and at least put Nintendo's New HD Console or something on it, maybe people would get a clue.

TongkatAli3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

People would pick UFC from EA more then Bayonetta or Diablo 3, you will disagree, but that is how it is in the states.

Bayonetta had two platforms on the 360 and PS3 a million sold, that game won't move hardware.

DC7773077d ago

In a place where parents let 4 year olds play with their $600 phones instead of buying them a family friendly gaming console that is half the price? Yes, I don't doubt that unfortunately.

shaw983078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

Nintendo, you could show off more games then that in the reel like Pikmin 3 and wonderful 101. Anyways, I love the music choice. It really had that "This is the future" feel. I should just show this to people who are not convinced of buying a wii u or are still on edge.

iliimaster3078d ago

this was awesome just picked up the wonderful 101 and super mario 3d after seeing donky kong tropical freeze thats next

3078d ago
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