Microsoft NZ predicts Too Human will out-sell Ninja Gaiden 2

Geekpulp writes "Two exclusive titles to be released with in the space of three (possibly two) months of each other, the close timing of each release means that the sale of one can potentially canabilize the market of the other. Product Marketing Manager for Xbox, Tom Hunt, believes that Ninja Gaiden 2 will be out sold by Too Human."

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mintaro3780d ago

lol I've been trying to decide which one to get

sock merchant3780d ago

I've opted out of ninja gaiden 2 for now. Might pick it up later. Too human might finally give me my diablo fix

jamilion3780d ago

Microsoft trying to make a big deal about games that are nothing special. Not to mention that too human has been worked on for million years. By no standards was NG a success in terms of sales. If they feel happy that Too Human will beat NG in sales good for them. Its nothing special!

Bladestar3780d ago

a million year? it's good to know dinosaurs played video games!

jamilion3780d ago

Its sad to know that some people in this world don't understand sarcasm

Hydrolex3780d ago

Both games suck !

Ninja gaiden ? Playing as a 5 feet ninja ? That game is hella overrated.

Actually after playing MGS4 all games look overrated to me.

meepmoopmeep3780d ago

i think Too Human caters to a wider audience than NG2. NG2 has always been for the hardcore, i think.

ScentlessApprentice73780d ago

There aren't too many casual gamers who think the great challenge of DMC and Ninja Gaiden are appealing.

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The story is too old to be commented.