20 Most Criminally Underrated Video Games Of All Time

WC: Whatever the reason, these are the games which are loved by a certain sector of the gaming world, but either forgotten or regarded with less enthusiasm by the rest of us. Some have gone on to be serious cult classics with a fervent following to match the biggest franchises in the industry, but the fact remains: within their genre, era or individual franchise, all of these games are better than many of us give them credit for.

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nicksetzer12247d ago

Lost odyssey, Mario sunshine and Mirror's Edge stick uot to me most of all, from this list. Some others like Ico, Beyond good and evil, etc are great, but not really what I would call underrated.

Baka-akaB2247d ago

Lost odyssey sold fine , it shouldnt even be there , only FFXIII outsold it on 360 ... wich was to be expected . And before that it outsold all jrpgs released on 360 .

It did the best it could on a console where the BULK of the jrpg fanbase clearly wasnt there , and prefered to wait for better days , even through a dire drought on ps3 ... or on handhelds

anticlimax2247d ago

Still can't play Mirror's Edge because of motion sickness. So not that overrated for me personally.

indyman77772246d ago

In my list Gunstar Hero and Legend of Dragoon would have been gfighting it out for number one! Then Herzog zwie.

Metallox2247d ago

Ughh... 20 pages to load.

Reeze2247d ago

I really hate cash-grabbing articles like that.

ab5olut10n2247d ago

That's pretty much all whatculture does

incendy352247d ago

Everything posted by Pozzle is that way. That user hates us haha

Reeze2246d ago

Oh my goodness, you are amazing.


indyman77772246d ago

Reeze you are right he is very helpful +HELFUL to both of you because I was about to not click on his link thanks!

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DC7772247d ago

It really is funny how people complain about rehashing the same games over and over. Yet, you make changes like in Windwaker and Sunshine and they bitch because it's not like the last game. I don't understand why people like that just don't go play the same game over and over then. Windwaker was brilliant, and Sunshine deserves an HD upgrade.

TekoIie2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

20 pages -_-

For me it's Kid Icarus: Uprising.

incendy352247d ago

I feel that this year, both Child of Light and Super Time Force are being underrated. Neither show up on any sales charts and they are the two best ""new"" games released. More people need to buy and play these gems!

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The story is too old to be commented.