Ultra Street Fighter IV TE2 Controller Coming to North America in October

Madcatz, the maker of an assortment of gorgeous TE2 arcade sticks, has announced that their previously Japanese-only Ultra Street Fighter IV TE2 controller will be hitting stateside this October.

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TardcoreGamer2580d ago

Does anyone know what the price will be?

GamingSinceThe80s2580d ago

My guess would be $200 just like the KI one they made for XBO.

BigDollarZoe9542580d ago

can't wait for the ultimate super mega ultra super street fighter edition milk that cow cashcom

Boody-Bandit2580d ago

It's always been old.
It's like people that respond with "who cares" about any given topic.

ALL developers and publishers are trying to milk this industry try. It's not like Capcom is alone in this. I could name several that are just as bad. Capcom gets singled out more so than the others because they don't have as big a library of games to offer so people are more focused on them.

As it stands today SFIV (any version) is the single most played game in tournaments. So it just goes to show fight fans are still flocking to it regardless of all it's iterations. It's not like Capcom charges full retail for their revisions. On the contrary. They are usually as cheap as map packs for shooters and IMO offer more value to the consumers of the 2 genres. But that's just me.

MehmetAlperTR2580d ago

When will MEGA SF IV will come ... lol thats the question..

KwietStorm_BLM2580d ago

Controller? lol that's not a controller