NZGamer: Buzz! Quiz TV Hands On - 'A promising update to the series'

NZGamer writes: "For cave dwellers not in the know, Buzz! is essentially a TV trivia game show that you can partake in, complete with buzzer controllers for sweaty palms. The game (or show) is hosted by a vivacious little man called Buzz, who is voiced by ex-Neighbours star, Jason Donovan. The game allows you to chose your own virtual character, each with their own eccentric personalities and then to compete against others in order to become the Quiz Master. Although there are a variety of different game types, the objective of the game is to answer as many questions correctly as you can in the fastest time."

The Good:
-Improved interface and expanded questions

The Bad:
-Still hosted by Buzz...

The Ugly:
-Buzz looks like a muppet gone wrong

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Bazookajoe_833780d ago

It will be cool to make own questions, a mgs catagory anyone?

eagle213780d ago

I think EU gets it at the end of June.

MigMix3779d ago

Huh?? If you read that Hands-On text, it says that 4th July, and Sony Entertainment Europe has already confirmed that the release is 4th July. PSP Version is coming later in July but it hasn't been verified by Sony.