NZGamer: Top Spin 3 Preview

NZGamer writes: "Top Spin was originally a title associated with the Xbox brand. However, the series is now published by 2K Sports, which means the latest instalment, Top Spin 3, will be a multiplatform title. What can be expected from the next iteration of this excellent tennis franchise?

For starters, the game will now offer a revamped control method that will allow total control of shots thanks to use of the right analogue stick. This should make a refreshing change from the old button pushes that have been a staple of tennis games to date.

The game also offers an excellent, if short, roster of players, including classic players such as Boris Becker. All the models are fantastically rendered and you will easily be able to tell who is who. Even the swing styles have been realistically captured."

The Good:
-Signature styling and classic players

The Bad:
-The roster is a little short

The Ugly:
-Boys Like Girls? WHY?!

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