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illgrillchill writes: "Sometimes players enjoy a lengthy, in-depth storyline that catches their attention. A game that has thousands of permutations with your choice of characters, skills, equipment, and areas to explore. Other times, players enjoy a simple game with one goal: fight enemies. Blazeblue: Clone Phantasma is one of those games that you can pick up and easily beat the snot out of some foes, all while looking like cute figurines."

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lmcontaldi2521d ago

I'm gonna be honest, hadn't even heard of the game til now. Looks like there is a good reason why lol

Enigma_20992521d ago

... I'd like to point out that it's also about $6.00

Yeah, were you really expecting a AAA game here?

illgrillchill2520d ago

Good point. I do mention that in the review, but regardless, it's pretty non-exciting

Enigma_20992520d ago

I tend to keep that in mind nowadays with these kind of games. Or any game in general.