NZGamer: Red Alert 3 Preview - 'More of one of the most fun franchises in RTS gaming'

NZGamer writes: "Red Alert was a nice branching-out of the (extremely cool) Command & Conquer universe, which itself was winning awards and just generally swanning about people's computers being cool. Life was good, the (relatively) new RTS genre was cranking and gamers were happy. Westwood (may they rest in peace - never forget!) did the only natural thing and released followups to both games, with Red Alert 2 (and the later expansion pack, Yuri's revenge) being well received by gamers. Whilst some might say multiplayer was a little single-minded (first to a super weapon wins, the end), they were extremely satisfying extensions to an already excellent franchise.

Then, sadly, things changed. Gamers changed. Westwood was consumed by the behemoth that is Electronic Arts, never to be seen again. Red Alert was dead."

The Good:

The Bad:
-It's not October yet

The Ugly:
-Cryogenics doesn't work

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