NZGamer: Killzone 2 Hands-On - 'Even in these early stages, Killzone 2 is looking to be a real winner'

NZGamer writes: "Finally, some footage and screenshots emerged, and it seemed like while Killzone 2 wouldn't match the pre-rendered footage, it would at least come damn close. And, having now played the game myself, I can assure you that Killzone 2 looks amazing.

Although I was only playing a pre-alpha build (read: early days yet), I was still blown away by what I saw. Sure, some of the textures were a little bland and possibly even placeholders. Sure, there were some graphical glitches. Sure, there were a couple of invisible obstacles. However, this is a pre-alpha build, and to get the game looking this good at this stage is like writing Hamlet on your first draft.

Another great aspect of Killzone 2 is the scripted events. Now, I'm not often a fan of scripted events because I feel that they take away the narrative control that makes video games such a wonderful medium. However, in first-person shooters I feel they work really well. They help create feelings of war going on around you, and independent of you, which helps suck you in and immerse you into the experience. That's escapism in action, and it's fantastic."

The Good:
-Amazing graphics, great scripting, motion controls

The Bad:
-It looks the part, but will the gameplay hold up?

The Ugly:
-Nitpicking fanboys

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Silogon5343d ago

I don't even know these guys and already I hate them. Their news has went from being news to just SPAM! They need to just give it a rest. this site should now be called NZgamer. All there is to it.

Scott_Steinberg5343d ago

The Ugly:
-Nitpicking fanboys

seraph7415343d ago

The Ugly:
-Fanboys that are complete tools

DiabloRising5343d ago

Killzone was a solid game, held back by technical presentation. KZ2 could be amazing, however, it needs to really strive to stand head and shoulders above the competition, especially with the talented Insomniac pushing out Resistance 2. KZ2 needs to have amazing GAMEPLAY to match the visuals, and the first person cover is the first step. Personally, I want to see...

- More level variety (not just steel structures and gray, tho the colorful lighting is aces.)

- Better explosions. They are kind of "samey" right now.

- More enemy variety! This is where KZ1 suffered most.

Hopefully, this game will be my next CoD4, and just suck me in online for months! Good luck Guerilla!

QuackPot5343d ago (Edited 5343d ago )

Gameplay includes:

* AI * - wickedly clever enemies and friendlies

* Animation & physics * - immerse the player in a realistic looking and moving world

* Freely usable vehicles - greater choice on how to achieve an objective

* Greater use of Sandbox levels - don't look any further if you want a variety of gameplay by giving the player the freedom of choice.

* Large Levels/Maps - ties into freedom of choice/sandbox

* Map creation - user created content is the future of gaming.

* Co-op/MP online - a must for variety and replay value of a game.


Damn. If KZ2 were to implement all these then it'll be one of the greatest games ever made.

Imagine what game you'd get with the sandox, map size and usable vehicles of Mercenaries, combined with user created content of little big planet, and the animation of Assasins creed or Gears of War and the graphics of MGS4. I mean...imagine.

BigKev455343d ago

I can't wait for the game, bring it on Sony.

Surfman5343d ago (Edited 5343d ago )

NZGamer is complete bullsh*t. This dude is posting all the articles from this website (probably his own, and probably new) and he is infecting N4g pending news with all his crap.

Condoleezza Rice5343d ago

If they can get the gameplay right,then KillZone 2 will be THE shooter to own of 2009.

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