NZGamer: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 PC Review

NZGamer writes: "In case you missed all the hullabaloo surrounding Rainbow Six Vegas, the general consensus was that it was a fun game that (largely successfully) minimized the tactical nature of previous Rainbow Six games, and upped the action immensely. A lot of people enjoyed it – and then word came that a sequel would be released in a surprisingly short amount of time.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is a sequel that – as many suspected – doesn't change the formula much, if at all. Instead, it provides more of the same for those who didn't get their fill from the first title. This means more Vegas locales to muck around in, more walls to climb up/down, more terrorists to shoot, and more hostages to rescue. In a sense, it really should be called Rainbow Six Vegas 1.5 – but I guess that doesn't have the same ring to it."

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morganfell3830d ago

People that work at other sites should be banned from submitting stories. This is supposed to be N4G - News for Gamers - not A4G - Ads for Gamers. NZGamer is just spamming this site turning it into one big link for them and it is ridiculous. I have seen tons of stories from them in the past 24 hours. Ridiculous.

Gish3830d ago

Did I miss something about New Zealand becoming the forefront of gaming reviews? This is like the 50th review in the last two days. Kiwi's must be getting to their heads.