NZGamer: Haze Review

NZGamer writes: "Sitting down to play a brand new game isn't as instantaneous as it once was. Every virgin PS3 game needs to undergo a series of updates, reboots and installs before you can even start playing these days. However, after a cup of coffee and several laps around the backyard, Haze was loaded and able to be played.

Haze is the latest in the futuristic first-person shooter genre and is set in a war-torn world of 2048. With organisations like the UN and NATO a thing of the past, private military companies like Mantel Global Industries have taken the role of peace-keepers. All with profit in mind, naturally. It turns out that Mantel Global Industries are the leading force in world-wide peace enforcement and this is mainly thanks to a special biologically engineered substance known as Nectar. When human soldiers inject this chemical into their bodies they gain heightened senses and improved physical performance, making them almost super-human in many respects. Not to mention they wear highlight-yellow and jet black suits that make you look like a human wasp thing running around. Totally awesome, although I have to admit they're not very well thought-out in the camouflage department."

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yanikins1113776d ago


Its closer to an 8.

And im gonna post this in every haze review that comes up.

More people need to play this game.

GIJeff3776d ago

I was really disappointed when I started playing this game, but its not as bad as the reviewers would have you think. I think reviewers tend to exaggerate things to the extreme. While haze isn't the best thing since sliced bread, its definitely way better than Soldier of Fortune: Payback. Haze gets a 7 from me. Its good enough to be in the top 30% of shooters.

LinuxGuru3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

It's a good-enough anti-establishment story, and in no way is it a poor shooter.

8 sounds fair, not anything below a 7.

Like I've said before, you only deserve to rate a game if you're going to do so without preconceived notions, ideas, or expectations.

I see all these damned reviews saying "it didn't live up to the hype", well quite frankly it's your fault if you're gullible enough to buy into something as silly as hype.

Forming your own opinions is a valuable skill to have in the gaming industry, and most of the time, it allows you to have better experiences.

If you ever want to experience a game's potential as it was meant to be, then go out and play it and absorb it in your own way, without any sort of expectations or notions. Trust me, it'll do wonders for your gaming.


That's my review of Haze. Check it out.