Game Revolution: Haze Review

Game Revolution writes: "Haze revolves around a drug called Nectar, which lets the stormtroopers of the sinister Mantel Corporation see what they want to see: Mantel's enemies become glowing targets, and possible horrors like blood and gore become invisible. These ignorant troopers laugh like goofy frat boys as they wipe out the residents of a South American jungle. Their only worry is an overdose, which triggers a blind, indiscriminate killing frenzy, followed by an explosive death. Meh, minor detail.

Story Mode starts well enough, introducing guns quickly as you juice up like an MLB all-star and pick off rebel insurgents through Nectar-goggles. Then, as the fun fades, you wait for a big payoff like an explosion or a badass level set-up... and it never comes. Plot points whiz on by with laughably weak visuals, and though some rooms look big enough to hold dozens of enemies or a huge boss, Haze limits itself to small, underwhelming encounters.

Worse yet, your character, Shane Carpenter, whines and pouts all through the campaign. In comparison to his loud, confident companions, Shane's soft, sensitive voice and constant hesitation make him either the worst action hero or the (second) most Canadian action hero ever, if not both. Shane needs a bottle and a blankie more than an assault rifle, but he's your conscience-ridden killjoy of an avatar, leaving his cushy job with Mantel for an equally uninspiring tour with the resistance forces."

+ Overdosing kill-streaks
+ Taking drugs to win
- Wait, winners don\'t do drugs!
- Bare, busted gameplay
- Bland graphics and sounds
- Shallow, timid story
- Dull multiplayer
- Winners don\'t do drugs, damn it!

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Whoooop3871d ago

Poor HAZE... It just can't get a break

will113871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

Haze was a letdown, i would buy MGS4