New Final Fantasy XIII…. Something (Scan)

Scrawlfx writes: "We will tell you the truth, we have no idea what this is. Someone passed us this link showing a new scan of Final Fantasy XIII and we are here to post it. The scan does show two new screenshots, however, and has something to do with the game's director, Motomu Toriyama."

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Kain813803d ago

i hope Final fantasy VII is in work too

B-Rein3802d ago

i love this franchise cant wait for XIII and versus

pwnmaster30003803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

its says this
"FF in the first title which appears in play stations 3. Succeeds the traditional characteristic of series, with the system which evolved far future inside magical world” from until now FF armed the “draws. This world to one side, will be swept in the fate which the myth leads, the non-[cyu] of finality (finality) will freeze with to express the talk of the human beings which resist in fate, mind has experiences together and goes the force which is the possibility of arriving until the deep place ..... From the process clearness " Living “about means the impression will happen. To FF series draws in the respectively work and, view of the world and the talk which want, conceives the frame system exists first of all. The market of expression is in that place but from the mask to break through a hard (PS3) limit, pursues the form of the best and is advancing. Now until limit taking up the potential energy (potential), of Playstation 3 continues the enforcement (trial) and for is a duration of the trial and error which is going. The non-[cyu] which is overwhelming in compliance with CG of high-class intention (high end) will freeze and with the mote which will freeze with the fantasy world which is a product of idle fancy (emptiness) to exist, of the “life feeling and air feeling conveys,”. And appeals in mind of this player and the people who is living in that place fresh sentiment moving express. Will make these with theme of expression, in the function which Playstation 3 has and all will hang is hanging. Is a talk of fantasy, the window assistance of the human being is born and is the world. Only there was not one egg to window assistance and, until now in compliance with the restriction of expression, to seek the compromise which is actual, took out. Playstation 3 like that critical point grudge is high without, the scope and descriptive and development duration in compliance with the hard my abbreviated musical notation tea enjoying etiquette and rather the window assistance [khu] The restriction which is material does is becoming larger is cold under territory. When says with a reverse admits a time and field one recording the completion degree of the world which expresses comes to be high, becomes to be an above () enemy and goes. The development at Playstation 3 is feeling above () of that will be able to express a near form, but to being like that, until now experienced as the turning point which is a qualitative () enemy who is not becoming. FF makes and in limit of the imaginative power (imagination) does not woo not to be, the machine which has the expression power which above () is near. - It Playstation 3 Within the development duration which is actual, will express and compromising point with the things in order will do with which about balance to decide the quality of the work, is difficult but thinks being the value which that much will challenge. Currently the environment where the people will enjoy a game is becoming various anger. Selects the game of Playstation 3 the thing, thinks from the inside “stator [su]” of what kind of type the same thing. In compliance with until a now game the sentiment which is enormous the expectation feeling which is simple comes to be led becomes worse is to that place. Will be made to own jointly a time to FF 13 and with the fact that, is not the timely all people thing which that time divides only joyfully and experiences one game is not also the fact that stays from the fact that a form which is, the time when there is what kind of meaning electrolysis becomes. Namely, type secret intention “the method which lives”, the karma which is the possibility of decreasing becoming, wants the effect which is enormous in life style. This with meaning which is big, the game only is not entertainment, evolves with the culture which matures and goes and thinks being because being located in process. Game experience of such future positively electrolysis is only there is a possibility and hard rightly next generation of PS3 etc. will not be hard. FF 13 “are the work which challenges in possibility of the human being” with what kind of meaning. If figurative flaw anyone does not try to step on until the sky which cannot reaches and buys and with the mind normality with aim, about future as a matter of possibility and game of the time CG expressions which will freeze until limit to search a possibility, goes and a development continues. Expecting the day when entirely new FF is born, wishes. "

long i kno but if u wanted to read here

oh wow a disagree wen i tried to help people.

freakin bastard

gunnerforlife3803d ago

theres an agree and a bubble for ur trouble:)

juuken3803d ago

Bubbles for your troubles too.

TheHater3803d ago

Thanks a lot dude. Bubbles for you.

Surfman3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

lol i know there's so many trouble makers on N4G it's sad. Bubbles for you.

pwnmaster30003803d ago

thanks here all u guys get bubbles

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pwnmaster30003803d ago

oh here is a summary of it from one of the guys that commented it]
-First Final Fantasy to appear on Playstation 3
-The gameplay has evolved from it’s predecessors
-It has a far future world mixed up with a lot of magic
-The game is also about “Human beings(those) who resist to fate”
-They’re working to push the PS3 hardware to it’s limits and they’re kinda achieving it
-They want the player to really feel what the characters are everything is sorta real
-The development is taking long because they want to achieve a certain level of quality with the game that no one have ever seen
-The development has been nicely but at sometimes challenging

juuken3803d ago

I cannot wait for FXIII!

360 man3803d ago

alright i apologize for my language. its been highly unacceptable

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