Gamernode: GRID Review

Gamernode writes: "Instead of leaning too much towards the hardcore racing fan crowd or the flashy "underground" racing crowd, the game is nestled in the middle. There aren't any qualifying races or any tinkering with what's under your cars' hood, neither is there much of an "underground" feel (no running from the cops either), other than a few drifting missions here and there.

Like most other racing games, getting wins earns you money and reputation, which in turn opens up more races, including the game's highlight track, a beefy 24-hour race. As you accumulate more and more wins, you'll eventually begin scraping together a team of other racers like yourself. Of course, your teammates won't be the top-dog racers so adjusting your sponsorships (detailed below) is a factor, in order to earn even more money."

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