Hironobu Sakaguchi Fought for a Chrono Trigger Sequel Against Square's Management, But he Lost

The legendary creator of Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger designer Hironobu Sakaguchi spoke at a panel today at PAX Prime, and he revealed a bit of backstory about the plans for a sequel of the adventure of Chrono.

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Borma2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Well put with that Gif. For the love of everything...please do a sequel. I need more Glenn/Frog. Frog Theme!

NewMonday2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

never seen a company like Square with management dedicated to the detriment of the brand, on every turn they make the worst possible and illogical decision.

kreate2482d ago

I thought crono cross was sort of a sequel.

I didnt like crono cross that much though. Love crono trigger.

levian2481d ago

Just more proof (if it was needed at all) that Square Enix is going downhill without Hironobu Sakaguchi

Shiken2481d ago

Chrono Cross is the sequel to Chrono Trigger. Would have loved a continuation of the series though.

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3-4-52482d ago

A Theory:

* Somebody accidentally hired somebody stupid for a high level position within SE.

That person, somehow got to stay there and hire more people, but because he's dumb, he just hired more people like him.....dumb.

Eventually you have a ton of dumb people hiring more dumb people and convincing themselves that they are actually smart and know what they are talking about.

* Basically, there isn't anybody in a high enough position to fire the idiots who make all the bad decisions.

DevilOgreFish2482d ago

Very thoughtful of him! someone should ask him for a sequel to lost odyssey.

Magicite2482d ago

possibly BEST game in gaming history...why, Square, whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Godmars2902482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Um, no.

Sakaguchi was in charge at the time. At a time well before he was ousted and the merger with Enix.

So as much as I wish for the old Squaresoft days, I hear this and have to think he's rewriting history if only for his ego.

Not saying he didn't get outvoted, concerning making a sequel or starting a franchise to a title which was a major and recognized hit when first released, but its hard to believe.

GrandpaSnake2481d ago

totally agree with this. Most of these young kids dont even know about squaresoft ,enix, tri ace. personally i thought chrono cross was in a league of its own.

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talocaca2482d ago

Meanwhile FFXIII got not one but TWO sequels.


Kamikaze1352482d ago

Because it most likely made them more of a profit than Chrono Trigger did.

TongkatAli2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

You get it. That FF movie flopped so bad it kinda erased everything he did for Square, mad money down the drain.

Really, look up the budget for that movie, he could have made two CT games.

@New Monday, the FF13 series sucked, but it did look cheaply made and had a lot of dlc, those bastards made a profit.

NewMonday2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

did not, and FF13-3 is the worst selling FF ever

Kamikaze1352482d ago

FFXIII may not have lived up to your expectations, , but it clearly did something better than Chrono Trigger to make SE want to make two sequels.

NewMonday2482d ago


this is Square, they don't follow logic

DVAcme2482d ago

The Final Fantasy series basically sells on name recognition and habit these days. The series' fans will just gobble them up no matter how shit they are, and salivateat the "awesome" designs by Tetsuya Nomura, designs that look like they put a basement-dwelling compulsively masturbating hikkikomori, a bath of estrogen, ten boxes of zippers and a bunch of new age quartz collars into Seth Brundle's teleportation machine and flicked the switch

Seriously, the art style of the Final Fantasy series has been fucking hideous since Final Fantasy 7. The only two that have had decent art direction since then are 9 and 12, and that's cause Nomura didn't handle art duties there.

NewMonday2482d ago


FF no longer as big as it used to be, FF13-3was a big bomb, barley made 1 million

Godmars2902481d ago

"but it clearly did something better than Chrono Trigger to make SE want to make two sequels."

No, it was inter-corporate politics. Toriyama pushing his wifu Lightning.

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Chespin2482d ago Show
kingdip902482d ago

Proof that business people who are not gamers ruin games for the customer and as such loose customer value and game revenue as a result.

TongkatAli2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Ok, this guy has talent yet he is stupid at the same time, maybe he shouldn't have made that crap Final Fantasy movie and used the budget for that to make a Chrono Trigger sequel.

I'm not saying Square isn't at fault too, but they treated him fairly, as an employee when you do a major f up, well you know.

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