Link Rules as Nintendo Amiibo Pre-Orders Soar on Amazon Video Games Bestsellers Chart

TheHDRoom: "Who exactly is the target market for Nintendo’s Amiibo figures? Is it the same children and parents that have flocked to Skylanders and Disney Infinity? The answer is as obvious as it is distinct according to early pre-order data from one online retailer."

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Metallox1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

I would buy a Link figure too, because they haven't shown an Olimar figure yet :/ Anyway, Link is too sexy, that's why he knows how to sell.

smoothdude1928d ago

My only concern is these characters look like they can easily break. I know both the skylanders and disney infinity characters are breakable, but these look a whole lot more delicate.

BullyMangler1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

daiiing . .

aware of this trend changing moment .

alive during such N I N T E N D O M I N A T I O N .

(: :)

Sony is bad ass too . .

. . microsoft yea yea too all alll


.. .

. . OMG

. a .

.. Blastoise

Amiibo . .

. . cant wait for that DK, Ganon the PIG Amiibo . .

. . Bowser Amiibo .. Freakin EarthWorm Jim Amiibo while were at it . .

a freakin Rayman . .

LMAO a YoNoid Amiibo ? . .. .

freaKin Mewto . .ive missed you . (:

thank you

. .

Cool Spot Amiibo!! . . .

Homer VS Wario

Freaking Conker and Bartman Amiibo's . .

gizmo DucK in smash . i can see it now . .

gizModuck, VS Rob .

i get it, i understand what Mr. Kamiya means by "most badass character collaboration on the face of the planet"

Freakin Pikmin Olimar Amiibos on top of a white fridge

Big_Game_Hunters1928d ago

Wait aren't these things 13$?? i'm surprised they are selling well.

crusf1928d ago

Why are you surprised? They are tied to one of the most anticipated games of the year. Plus they are highly detailed figures not cheap happy mean stuff for 13 bucks its a steal.

NattyGraham1928d ago

Are you? Nintendo has some of the suckiest and corporate fans

crusf1928d ago

Been waiting to take a jab at Nintendo fans eh? We aren't all like that you know.

Afterlife1928d ago

No. Same can be said about Playstation fans.

Amiibo's are selling well because Smash Bros is very popular, guarantee multi million seller and and has alot of hype.

eworthington01928d ago

?? Id say sony or microsoft would cater more to corporate or "pop" fans than nintendo does...
No need to be a jerk.

randomass1711928d ago

Disney Infinity and Skylanders figures also sell pretty dang well. I would have been quite shocked if Amiibos failed.

Big_Game_Hunters1928d ago

I just feel like amiibos still aren't clear enough as a product.

TMRBac1928d ago

Yep, $13 a pop. I expected a couple of them to do reasonably well but not ALL of them. Clearly there's a lot of pent up demand.

weekev151928d ago

Right now there are 11/20 amiibos ahead of Destiny in the Amazon chart. I know most folks ordered Destiny to get the Beta so wont count but its still pretty insane.

Fierce Musashi1928d ago

....I... did not think these things would take off.

To Metallox (above): xDDDDDDDD

King Nezz1928d ago

They look pretty cool. I pre-ordered Samus, Link and Mario. I will probably buy another Link and Samus in store so I can use because i'll end up collecting them and keeping the first three sealed.

N4g_null1928d ago

They are nfc so you may not have to open it!

King Nezz1928d ago

Yeah that's true. But still, I want to touchy!

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The story is too old to be commented.