Console Monster: Aces of the Galaxy Mini-Review

Console Monster writes: "Aces of the Galaxy comes as rather a surprise, as Xbox Live has a ridiculously long list of average space shooters with new developers every other week wanting a bite of the action. Most are poor, quickly completed and hold little gameplay value. Aces of Galaxy on the other hand has immense quality throughout, with bold and unique graphics, well presented menus, fantastic audio representation and some top notch gameplay to boot.

Featuring a continual rail movement camera scheme, you must navigate around the screen whilst the game pulls you along. As you get dragged along you will need to blast at continual enemy assaults whilst avoiding a string of debris. The controls seem simple enough, with A to fire your Chaingun, B to fire Torpedoes and X to fire Cluster Missiles (which can target multiple enemies if held). Controlling your ship is done by both analogue sticks, whilst giving you a convenient panic barrel roll with both triggers. Other than the primary controls you can search for invisible enemies with Y, and slow down time temporarily with the RB button..."

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