Pick Your Horse: Destiny, Call Of Duty, Or Neither

These two shooters are going head-to-head this fall, so which one is your pick? Both? Neither? And what's your reasoning for the decision?

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Majin-vegeta2444d ago

I pick BF4.Is that acceptable??

CloudRap2443d ago

400 hrs later it isnt for me ive been craving a new fps for some time now.

uptownsoul2443d ago

I'll pick Destiny only because i'm less of a FPS gamer and more of an RPG gamer that dabbles in FPS…So Destiny seems like the game for me

3-4-52443d ago

Definitely getting Desiny, but I'll have other games to play as well until COD.

* I love BF but Hardline looks like trash, so probably skipping that.

* MCC should be awesome, but I'm more excited for a game I haven't played, then a collection of games I have. Still looks fun though.

* Cod- definitely getting it, but it doesn't excite me as much as Destiny, but it looks 10x better than ghosts, so it should be fun.

FPS wise, I'm taken care of throughout the rest of 2014.

Then there are the other games like Smash Brothers 3ds/Wii U & Fantasy life a long with a few others that should take up some time.

* + PC games as well.

Don't think I'll have enough time to play all the FPS games as they release.

BrandanT2444d ago

Neither. I don't care if I'm the only that's tired of competitive shooters.

ainTgoTTime2bleed2443d ago

Neither, but what's competitive about Call of doody and Destiny..o_O.

BiggerBoss2443d ago

I've been completely fed up with online shooters entirely, but after the Destiny Beta I can't wait to pick the full game up:)

incendy352443d ago

Yep me too. Not usually a COD fan but that Golden Gate Bridge demo really impressed me. Destiny is a no brainer, Bungie are legendary.

Totoro172443d ago

I was never into Halo when I had my 360, but after playing the Destiny Beta, I pre-ordered that bad boy. Fantastic game play. Also, COD looks VASTLY better than the terrible Ghosts and is reminiscent of the excellent Black Ops 2. It's an excellent time to be a gamer!

GiggMan2443d ago

I'll take both too. Only if call of duty is split screen as usual. If not I'll pass this time.

redwin2443d ago

I was gonna be cod and Destiny but after gamescon it'll have to be cod and halo. 4 games, over 100 multyplayer maps, and halo 5 beta. I'm just concern that I might not be able to finish halo this year. Maybe I'll get Destiny after u finish one of the two.

GarrusVakarian2443d ago

Why are those the only options?

I'll be playing both.

JasonXS122443d ago

Same here. I haven't played multiplayer first person shooters for nearly 2 years now and I'd like to get back into it. Especially Destiny, can't wait for it and CoDAW looks pretty cool. Just hope it turns out good.

cruzngta2443d ago

Call of Duty will reign supreme once again becuz of all the people who just blindly buy it every year...Destiny will do amazing as well and it will be close but I will give the edge to COD but I think Destiny is definitely the better game.

redwin2443d ago

Blindly? Some people just prefer cod over bf. if that's what you are referring .

Stapleface2443d ago

I blindly buy it because COD has split screen and Battlefield doesn't. They are both fun, IMO. Both have their uses. I prefer one online, the other for local offline play with more people than just myself.

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The story is too old to be commented.