Bungie Weekly Update - 08/29/2014


This week at Bungie, we saw a little more of Destiny escape into the wild.

The game we’re launching in just over a week (let that sink in for a moment) is usually a thing that’s isolated to dev kits or videos bound to the Internet. We’re getting ready to see our baby fly from the nest. It’s freaking us out, but we love it.

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temple2481d ago

These raids sound like they're going to be awesome!

ScottyHoss2481d ago

Finally, something to test me and my girls relationship lol come September 9th I'll know if she's a keeper

cl19832481d ago

Get her addicted to the game too.

ScottyHoss2480d ago

Already is ;) played the beta and she's hooked

cl19832480d ago

Well then she's a keeper.

ShowGun9012481d ago

Cant wait for the 9th!

*attempts to travel a week into the future*

*falls over*

Dontworrybhappy2481d ago

That was stupid. Dont make me hate Guur

Dontworrybhappy2481d ago

@ show down below... that rhymed. Sorry though i knew i prob effed up on the spelling

cl19832481d ago

Don't you remember when Cartman tried to time travel for a wii?