Leaked Driveclub Beta Footage and Screenshots

Leaked video and 13 screenshots from the closed beta phase for Driveclub which is currently underway.

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JohnathanACE2480d ago

Looking great!! Hopefully this will tide us over until Gran Turismo 7 comes out. Heck this could be the next flagship racing title Sony has.

Loktai2480d ago

By the way thanks for the direct links, you're the man.

GTgamer2480d ago

Now if Evolution Studios really loves me they would give us an update that allows us to 1st party Sony characters as our vehicle drivers because I wouldn't mind wining a race with NAthan or Kratos behind the Wheel :D but anyway DC looks amazing my personal faves.

MrSec842480d ago

GT7 is probably coming out next year, Yamauchi said last September that the game would be coming within the next 1-2 years.

Driveclub could end up being Sony's more arcade style realistic racing franchise, Evolution could turn it into an open world racer.
Hopefully Evolution ends up making a new Motorstorm too.

Future_20152480d ago

graphics doesn't make an amazing game

retro_2480d ago

Game play is excellent too. So, great graphics and game play.

system222480d ago

Agreed. This game put so much into graphics they forgot all the other stuff that makes a great racing game have depth, challenge and strategy. Kinda like grid. Great for a week and then forgotten about once the graphics shine wears off.

opoikl2480d ago

Yeah, we've all been playing this game since its release last week, and everybody is already getting tired of it. I guess the servers will be running empty within a few days. /s

system222480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

It looks beautiful but to put it in the same class as gran turismo or forza even is like comparing gears of war to mass effect because they are both tps games. Driveclub will be a glorified project Gotham racing and the true ps4 sim fans are going to have to pin their hopes on project cars or wait it out for gt7. I'm sure DC will be fun and nice to look at but as a sim fan I don't so see how it's lack of customization, tuning, real physics, small car list, no real world tracks ( no Laguna seca, silverstone, buttonwillow and so on) will even begin to scratch the sim racing itch. We still don't even know if it's going to have manual shifting yet... An absolute must have for a proper racing experience.

Have a look here at forza for example:

You can make many tuning setups and load them at will for whatever tracks you are racing depending on what the challenges of the tracks are. And the sim engine takes it all into account produce proper reactions.

reaperofsouls2480d ago

loads of salty comments by those who are threatened by this beautiful game lol

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Loktai2480d ago

The way it slides looks good, looks a little like it has some traction control on or something but looks pretty fun.

Day 1 for me just because we've got basically no racing games yet.

Some people like need for speed but its not my thing even though
its better than nothing in the launch window. No offense to
anybody into NFS.

ILLINOIS2480d ago

I don't buy or play racing games but I am buying this and playing this. It looks that amazing.

mogwaii2480d ago

Im with you on that, i dont play alot of them either but every now and then one comes along that makes me want a driving fix and this just looks absolutely gorgeous to boot, the dynamic weather and lighting are amazing, cant wait to start off in the pouring rain then end with the blaring sun breaking through the clouds.

nix2480d ago

GT series can feel quite slow compared to NFS types of games but it does come with it's own charm. i wasn't a big fan of GT4. i played GT5 with joysticks and hated it still. then i bought a wheel - Logitech GT. wow.. that changed the whole perspective of the game. i felt like i was playing the game wrong all this time. the feedback you get is excellent. it's a different trip while playing GT because slowly you'll start learning how to brake/accelerate/swerve on the apex. specially when you clear those license test with 0.004 sec.

sometimes i just switch on the game, choose my favourite car and go for a "long drive" on the Green Hell.

i like the sense of speed you get in driveclub. it's just damn perfect.

lonelyplayer2480d ago

Can't wait to play it with my friends

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