Could Pokken Tournament Be Nintendo's Flagship Arcade Fighter?

Hardcore Gamer: Could this be Nintendo’s shot to set a standard for arcade fighting games on their own turf?

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ValKilmer2491d ago

I prefer more realistic fighters like Mortal Kombat X.

SuburbanHell2491d ago

...Doesn't Nintendo already have a flagship fighter?

Big_Game_Hunters2491d ago

A real fighter, smash is a party brawler that can be competitive.

SpiralTear2491d ago

Yeah, but this is more akin to arcade fighters. Smash Bros. is kinda its own thing.

ABizzel12491d ago

But it has no high and low mix-up, so it's a casual 3D fighter. It's more in tune with the Naruto games (also made by Namco), than Tekken.

More than likely it'll be a fun game, but I doubt it'll be a serious fighter without those elements.

ZoidsRaven2491d ago

I will still like arcade gaming above all else, but Nintendo should know that a Pokemon game would really help the Wii U's sales right now.... 7_7

Majin-vegeta2491d ago

Of course it's coming to WII U....Not that hard to see

ZoidsRaven2491d ago

Yeah, that's a given.

But they shouldn't test the waters (or whatever they're doing).
The sooner they can get a Pokemon game (even a spin-off) on the Wii U, the better.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2491d ago

it was teased after Wii U was shown in it teaser video.

Big_Game_Hunters2491d ago

I wonder if this will be limb based like tekken.

Kevlar0092491d ago

Can't wait to see this game at Evo some year. Seeing 2 Nintendo Fighters at Evo would be cool.

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