Eight Big Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Questions, Answered

Today in Seattle, Kotaku sat down for a hands-off presentation and Q&A with Hajime Tabata, the veteran Square Enix producer who is heading up both Type-0 and the much-anticipated Final Fantasy XV. Speaking through a translator, Tabata was candid and friendly, answering questions about both games to the best of his ability.

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DanielGearSolid2481d ago

I hope it does boost console sales in Jpn...

But the way square been acting lately... Watch it release on Xbox first

DEATHxTHExKIDx2481d ago

More ppl on Next gen the better for Square. FFXV,KH3, Type-0 all multi plat. Square is rlly trying to push ppl especially the japanese toward next gen.

tiffac0082480d ago

Dangit! I was expecting additional stuffs like extra missions, scenes and alternate ending.

2476d ago