Sony & Microsoft: It’s Time to Allow PS4 and Xbox One Gamers to Play Together on the Same Servers

There are many elements to the life of a gamer that can prove annoying and inconvenient, but there is one that can easily be defined bloody hindering awkward, and that's the lack of cross-platform gameplay between current generation consoles.

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mixolydian_id2491d ago

Ideal world... All for it...

This world would only happen of ms bought playstation... Which wouldn't happen because they'd sell their other assets to keep it afloat

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G20WLY2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

I don't think it would always be ideal. It would demand absolute parity between versions of the game on each console, for a start.

For simpler games, this might be fine, but one can't run at one resolution/frame rate and the other be different. Particularly if it's a competitive multi-player game, since that wouldn't be a level playing field and could create an unfair advantage on one side.

It's a far more complicated proposition than it sounds on the face of it.

NukaCola2491d ago

So possible but their guidelines cause such controversial issues.

Loktai2491d ago


I dont think it would be much more of a problem
then PC gamers currently have. The different hardware, wildly different controllers and even button layouts dont exactly hinder competitive gameplay it becomes part of it. I dont think you need exact parity either. For instance on PC somebody on low graphics settings has no disadvantage against a player with higher graphic settings assuming draw distance is equal and nobody turns off grass and saw people who thought they were hiding laying in the open on the ground .... as was happening for a while in a certain PC online FPS.

ShinMaster2491d ago

How would messaging and player reporting work?

SilentNegotiator2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

Not gonna happen:

1) Different ToS. Even if they have all of the exact same points in them, Sony/Microsoft ToS aren't going to transfer and they will never transfer each other's TOS for legal purposes.

2) Allowing people who don't pay for their network to connect to it...not going to happen.

3) Much like the ToS, they each have different security systems, even if they have similar things to them. For legal and security reasons, neither company will want to connect their servers.

4) You've seen how passionate people get about their systems. You've seen how passionate and nutty people get about individual games (murders, swatting, etc, etc). Combine the two and you have a recipe for disaster. It would only be a matter of time before some nutcase murdered someone and the decorum of the "console war" would take the ugliest turn it ever made or could ever make. This isn't a reason why MS/Sony would refuse this, but I think it's worth mentioning.

5) The legwork to get the networks compatible...what does either company gain by putting all of that time and money in? Nothing.

6) Microsoft would likely demand parity and Sony wouldn't likely be happy about having a game downgraded just to cross networks (which, as we've established, they gain nothing from).

7) Like ShinMaster said: "How would messaging and player reporting work?" With a lot of software changes, or else it wouldn't. Another expense and time waster, another thing that doesn't lead to any more profit.

johndoe112112491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

@Silent negotiator

This is a copy and paste of a comment I made yesterday from this article :

"Yeah so, at the risk of being accused of trying to start a flame war here, I'm gonna have to call bull$h!T on this author.

"That doesn't appear to be something either Microsoft or Sony is interested in", This statement right here is complete hogwash. The reason there has never been cross platform play is microsoft's fault and their fault ALONE. Sony has never had an issue with that idea.

Yoshida himself said he was very open to the idea and he thought it would have been great. This is the type of BS journalism we have come to expect in the gaming industry.

Oh damn......Just noticed it's a polygon article. Makes sense now. smh"

guitarded772491d ago

It will never happen, but it would be great to bring the communities together, and add to the longevity of game's life cycles. There are a handful of people on either system playing some "dead" games,but if people from both platforms could play together, it would put some new legs on some games.

AngelicIceDiamond2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

The only way I can see it possibly happening is if a third party company makes an app that allows the two servers to connect.

That's the easy part. The hard part is seeing if Sony or MS would allow it.

So its a pretty easy process.

I would love for it to happen so that way both fanbases can finally duke it out in a competitive passion (or in a trolling fashion)

Forums, comment sections would be allot less intense because there's nothing bridging them and they can go beyond text trash talking.

I personally would love to see this happen someday.

At the moment MS is at least half the problem.

As soon as MS makes changes to XBL then the possibly is even greater.

Dee_912491d ago

I was actually hoping for that, this gen but the moment I heard one was more powerful then the other, that dream flew out the window.
But who knows.Maybe they could find a workaround.

UltraNova2491d ago

Wishful thinking at its finest...

MS would never allow this.

To those who talk 'absolute parity'...MS is doing just fine in that department already ;-)

Prime1572491d ago

Steam and PlayStation did it with portal 2...

I think it should, I said SHOULD, happen... I would like to see it, but business wouldn't allow.

I love the idea of cross servers...

Chrischi19882491d ago

It would be a great move, but it will probably not happen, as all companies are tooooo butthurt over something like this.

BallsEye2490d ago

I'd love to see blue vs green type of an mmo game. PS on one side vs xbox on other, something like horde and alliance (random order) in WoW. No KB/Mouse allowed.

Wizard_King2490d ago

a. would only work on a few multiplats

b. would never work properly

c. MS will never have a bar of it

d. Would open up a world of hacks and exploits that would ruin those games

e. It truly would make XB1 the lowest common denominator in every single way. Why play the same games on the same servers on a machine that can't run the game as well as the PS4 or on a PC, Oh and the lowest machine costs more.

d. MS will never have a bar of it

Aquariusgamer2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )


that is complete nonsense. People play pc games together with all sorts of varying hardware, graphics settings, frame rates, and internet connection quality.

Needing 100% platform parity for games to be cross platform compatible is a fallacy. If pc can deal with it, so can consoles.

ThanatosDMC2490d ago

I really wish Xbone and 360 player would join in on FF14 so there's more people I could make gil from and not to mention more tanks and healers running around.

Redempteur2490d ago

Several games can do it , the reason why they aren't doing despite the fact that they can is only because of microsoft.
look at FF14. The game plays on PC , PS3, PS4... same servers
Putting the game on 360/xbone ? the dev team and the producers said it's possible , it's not even a technical issue. The only thing that prevents them from doing so is microsoft asking for nonsense like platform exclusive content ( in a mmo , WTF ).

When i see that , all i can say is: "what a shame microsoft". This is not even a situation of bandwitch, server costs or right for a game. At this point the reason why players can't play on the same servers , despite plenty of third parties ready for it ( ubisoft, square , konami , activision ) is microsoft fault alone, sadly

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fr0sty2491d ago

As long as both games ran at the same framerate, maybe. If not, PS4 fans would have an unfair advantage.

frostypants2491d ago

PC gamers play with FAR more disparate hardware. It would be fine. Devs could provide console specific lobbies for those who don't want to participate.

fr0sty2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

As a result, they are also plagued with far more issues. Some games run on better brands of video cards than others, some better on some CPUs than others, some GPUs have compatibility issues with some games, these are not issues I want to see come to consoles. That is why I game on a console. Simplicity and cost effectiveness.

BoxOfShit2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

Personally, i'd like to see a PS4 vs Xbox One server :)

JP13692491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

Yeah, there's no way they'd be willing to lose potential revenue by saying, "Wanna play with your friends? Feel free to use whatever box suits you best!" rather than, "Give us money."

Loktai2491d ago

Thats kind of weird to say... nobody is marketing their console on the idea of "your friends have it so buy it to play with your friends!" If your friends have it you're likely to buy what they have no matter what unless gaming isnt one of the things you do with your friends or your friends are women, and you hide the fact that you game from them and you start sleeping with two of them, and then one of their brothers recognizes you from your livestream and the cats out of the bag, next thing you know your two girlfriends have keyed your Subaru and you're living in your friends walk in closet.

JP13692491d ago

"nobody is marketing their console on the idea of 'your friends have it so buy it to play with your friends!'"

That's actually a big reason for a lot of people and the console manufacturers know it. They're not willing to risk the money that comes in because of that. It's not impossible, but at this point it doesn't look like anyone wants to be the first to offer.

bandit9052491d ago

with all that detail @loktai, I wonder if your speaking from personal experience lol

MaxKingoftheWild2491d ago

@loktai, no one is marketing it that way because it would be a bad marketing job. Think if one company said it and their friends had the opposite console. It would backfire. However, you can't deny that friends are a big influence over decisions. So, by allowing cross platform play it doesn't need to be explicitly said for theconsumer to know they would be able to play with friends with different systems.

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DonDon2491d ago

What? Is 10 Million and growing number of gamers on ps4 not enough people to play online with? What do we need a measly 3 million more from xbox for? Most of those xbox guys probably have a ps4 anyway (if they're smart). So it wouldn't add many more people to play with.

No thanks.

strangeaeon2491d ago

I only have an Xbox One, am I dumb now?

700p2491d ago

nope. i just have a xbox one

supersonicjerry2491d ago

i own both but ps4 collects dust at the moment because xbox live servers are better am i stupid now? until blood borne comes out then my xbox might be collecting dust

bandit9052491d ago

I have xbox one and a pc running in SLI... I play my xbox one more then my pc, are I dumb also??.. cause im pretty sure my pc can blow your lil ps4 outta the water, so what would that make you?

Kiwi662491d ago

I'm pretty sure there is more than 3 million xbox ones in peoples hands

frostypants2491d ago

I think you're all sounding kind of lame.

Funantic12491d ago

I have both PS4 and X1. I'd never wanna see my X1 on unsecure PSN servers. I do wanna play single player games on my PS4 like Uncharted and The Order. But I wanna play multiplayer games like Gears Of War and COD on fast, reliable, and secure servers like on Xbox Live.

JoGam2490d ago

@funantic1.... Fast, reliable, and secure servers. Lol. Everyone sounds like they're secretly promoting their console of choice. Lol

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user56695102491d ago

This would be great you wouldn't be torn between consoles because what your friends and family have. This should be on consoles seeing how you have to pay to play online now. You would think they would let you play games with more people. Some publishers have their own servers so seems messed up. But hey whatever

DeadlyFire2491d ago

Its likely to happen in the future regardless of how much so they try to hold back from doing it. 3rd party MMO titles are most likely to implement it. Alot of the reason for holding it back is on Microsoft's end. All that is really needed is an extra service/layer with a separate ToS beyond Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo own networks. Which is why MMOs are the most likely things to adapt to this at all.

A few games have had it working for all systems their game was coming to for a bit, but ultimately got denied by Microsoft. Case in point is Defiance's MMO. It was built to be open across all platforms at first with same servers and players in the game.

assdan2490d ago

I'm for it, but Sony wouldn't, and microsoft definitely wouldn't allow it.

r1sh122490d ago

there is actually a way..
Get pc and use the controller of choice LOOL I kid.
Its not going to happen, because they might as well be one console then..
Sony hardware and design with xbox software or something.

DeathOfTheFanBoy2490d ago

But Sony don't even have dedicated servers, XBOX would be at a huge advantage, it would be pretty unfair to the Sony guys tbh

ThanatosDMC2490d ago

Sony's been using dedicated servers since day one of the PS3 release. MS is just marketing dedicated servers like it's a new thing when they were the ones late to party. Remember xbox fanboys touting p2p servers like it's somehow superior to dedicated servers of PC games and PS3 games? Remember host advantage in Gears 2?

Tsar4ever012490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Ps4 already supports cross-play gaming! It cross-game with it's Ps3/PsVita and also cross-play it's titles with PC gamers, such as...

War Thunder
Blacklight Retribution
Dc Universe Online w ps3
EverQuest Next-TBA
Minecraft w Ps3/Vita

But since this post is about cross-play between Ps4 & Xb1, well I don't think either companies are interested, their competing with each other not "Communing with each other" unlike how Ps4 is with the PC realm, just as M. Cerny explained during "Unreal engine 4 Demonstration tech" with the PS4's unveiling Feb 20th of last year.

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NovusTerminus2491d ago

Not gonna happen. It's like telling Apple and Android to share a market.

Abriael2491d ago

They already share a market. If you meant "marketplace," that's a completely improper comparison.

As a matter of fact, Android and iOS cross-platform gameplay already exists on several games.

nicksetzer12491d ago

Those games don't have servers that are hosted by the platform holder. Crossplatform play would pretty much nullify any of MS' attempt to push for dedicated servers and other cloud services through use of azure.

iamnsuperman2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

Android and ios have a different philosophy. How many games do you play online on mobile devices. Very few games and the few that do are managed by this developers/publishers themselves. It becomes a completely different kettle of fish when you start talking about FPS and so on. The foundations of how these networks are made would require a fundamental shift. Your talking third party servers with different logins with different achievements. That is how it works on mobiles. You have to have different logins

Abriael2491d ago

@nicksetzer1/iamnsuperman: he's the one that brought up Android and Apple, not me.

nicksetzer12491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

The only situations that this makes sense in is if the servers being used are hosted by the dev/publisher.

gootimes2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

I thought MANY were anyways... this seems like a great idea. Not every game needs to have the feature, but it would be cool if some did.

Then Sony could still implement dedicated servers through Openstack/current servers like planned, and Micro could use dedicated servers on Azure for all the games that don't have the cross system play.

Loktai2491d ago

The reason at least on XBOX LIVE is there is a limitation where you are supposed to be able to control through xbox live what goes on, for instance you should be able to add friends to your friends list and interact or those players misbehaving can be banned from xbox live or blocked across all games. If its cross platform its pretty much anarchy unless the dev. sets up an entire online service surrounding it, for instance like

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iamnsuperman2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

It would require Microsoft and Sony to either fully control or completely give up control over either their servers or how the online infrastructure works. Microsoft has had a big push for servers and I doubt Microsoft would be happy letting third parties control things or allowing competitive systems on board (without a royalty and Sony won't be happy paying just so it is more convenient). Sony is the platform that has the biggest chance of cross platform play since they have SOE. That doesn't mean they are happy to connect with live in some way

Overall it is too much of an ask (for one to dominate with the other being reliant or them both being too reliant on third party services). Nice in principle but impractical on so many levels

Abriael2491d ago

This is completely, fully 100% wrong.

Final Fantasy XIV has cross platform between PS4, PS3 and PC. Do you think Sony is fully controlling it or giving up any degree of control?

Nothing of the sort.

The developer/publisher hosts its own centralized server(s), and that centralized server communicates separately with the PSN and with Xbox Live for what authentication, achievements and the like are concerned.

There actually is zero cross-communication between PSN and Xbox live themselves required, and the communication between the centralized server and PSN or Xbox Live is actually quite limited.

The technical barriers are really limited. The real barriers are in the policies.

user56695102491d ago

This is one of the reasons they think why they have to pay for mp, which is dumb. If publishers are doing all of this why do we have to pay for mp that Sony and Ms didn't make and what publishers pay to maintain. Gotta love it.

ThanatosDMC2490d ago

Abriael, I dont think they understand how MMOs work or understand that other companies can have their own servers not just Azure and PSN.